BREAKING: OK School Sued After 15-Year-Old Girl Brutally Assaulted In Women’s Washroom By Transgender Student

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Twitter User Files Complaint With Child Welfare Services In Illinois Over Trans-Identified Male “Breastfeeding” Baby

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EXCLUSIVE: 12-Year-Old Strangled Unconscious In Texas School While Teacher Watched, Family Not Notified

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Back in 1984, Mirage Studios produced the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book that featured a character named April O’Neil. Her hair was dark, and she was a computer programmer who worked under Baxter Stockman. Fast forward to 1986 where she first appears in a comic with color.
In today’s highly competitive marketplace, businesses must recognize the evolving expectations of their consumers. Bud Light and North Face recently came under heavy fire because of their advertisements pushing woke ideologies into places that either didn’t need them or didn’t want them.


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