Australian Media Announces Female-Led Remake Of Beloved Show “The Office”

An Australian version of the beloved show The Office is in the works by Prime Video Australia. The remake is set to star stand-up comedian Felicity Ward in the lead role that featured Ricky Gervais in the original show. This character was adapted for American television and popularized by Steven Carell’s Michael Scott. Instead of…...

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How To Train Your Dragon Remake Race-Swaps Leading Female Character

The upcoming live-action remake of Dreamworks’ animated gem How to Train Your Dragon will reportedly race-swap one of its lead characters, resulting in criticism from some fans. The film was released to mass critical acclaim in 2010, earning a 99 percent “fresh” score on Rotten Tomatoes and earning almost $500 million at the box office. […]

German Media Announces List Of “Extreme Right Wing” Emojis

ARD, a coalition of Germany’s regional broadcasters, has prompted backlash on social media after releasing a list of “extreme right wing” emojis. A graphic containing the list was uploaded to the media company’s Instagram on May 31. The post was intended to “educate” viewers on social media literacy, warning them about certain emojis which may […]