The Publica’s story

About Us

ThePublica started as an idea between two YouTubers who were keen to do something a bit different. It was founded in the hopes of offering a more neutral alternative to today’s many biased media companies and outlets.

Media and journalism are saturated. Not to mention, battle lines have been drawn as things become increasingly polarized and pundits make their living riling up their fanbases. While we don’t claim to be without our own biases as a group of politically and culturally oriented people, we want to bring nuanced back into the fray.

Everyone has an opinion, a bias, their own leaning. We think that’s great – so long as we can talk about it.

ThePublica is the brainchild of Jeremy Hambly and Sydney Watson. This project is not meant to be another right-wing or left-wing publication, but rather a space for free-thinkers and mischief-makers to hear all sorts of ideas, news, commentary and thought.

ThePublica is not funded by any big-name donors. It is exclusively funded by members (and, of course, Jeremy and Sydney). Nobody is behind us pulling the strings and we’re going to keep it that way.


Sydney Watson

Co-Founder, EIC

Jeremy Hambly

Co-Founder, COO