The mainstream media has had a lot to say about the film Sound of Freedom, which represents an anti-trafficking story. The movie has been accused of being a "QAnon" conspiracy, ripe for lunatics on the right. Jeremy and Sydney discuss what this means and why the MSM is out of line.
YouTube did what it does best, once again: hypocrisy. The platform is known for taking action against all sorts of innocuous content. But not this time. Apparently not everyone is subject to YouTube's normal rules and regs. In this bizarre story, a man produced the most insane video, that ordinarily would have violated YouTube's guidelines. However... It was allowed to live on the platform. We have a few theories as to why.
We all know too well that Disney's main MO these days is live-action remakes. Yes, unfortunately it has been a long while since they've churned out any new and interesting content. Instead, we are endlessly given dreary, visually grungy live action adaptations that don't hold a candle to the original animations.
Something nefarious is going on in medicine. It's more than what we've seen over the last few years with relation to governments lying, medical institutions misleading patients and Big Pharma getting bigger than ever. It's the way women are being let down and forgotten by female doctors -- doctors who are both women and who treat women.
Every June, Pride Month brings forth a flood of rainbow-themed promotions and statements from corporate giants in the United Stated and much of the Western world. While this outward display suggests progress in accepting the LGBTQ+ community, behind it all is meaninglessness, hypocrisy and a bad case of virtue-signalling.
We have seen virtue signalling on a mass scale, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. In recent news, doctors in Auckland, New Zealand will now have to prioritize operations and vital health services based on ethnicity.
A California teacher was caught on tape threatening students with "Saturday School" if they didn't sit quietly and absorb the schools LGBTQ Propaganda
Demi Lovato has discovered what many of us knew already: that participating in the "nonbinary" craze is EXHAUSTING. Lovato said in a recent interview that explaining her "they/them" pronouns was tiring. We can only assume that's because most people don't understand this position, nor acknowledge people who believe they are something other than male or female.
Megan Fox is in the news yet again, but not for the usual reasons. This time, she's been accused of forcing her three sons to "dress as girls" -- despite the children protesting.
“Why are you showing this to kids?” It’s an important question, and one that gets asked more and more lately, especially with Pride Month. The answer typically given: Kids should see that LGBTQ+ members are real and exist, and kids should learn not to be bigoted toward them.
There has been a shift in the last number of years. Men's Rights Activists (MRAs) from days gone seem to be overtaken by a new sort of pro-man movement: the "Red Pill." The trouble with the Red Pill, as it exists today, is that many content creators and speaker-heads spend more time attempting to shirk responsibility and blame.

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