BREAKING: Starbucks Denies Allegations It Has Been Ordering The Removal Of Pride-Themed Decorations

Starbucks is refuting allegations from workers that it ordered the removal rainbow-themed decorations from its US stores, stating that it “unwaveringly supports the LGBTQIA2+ community.” The accusations were first lodged today by the Starbucks Workers United (SWU), a unionization collective comprised of Starbucks employees. On their official Twitter, SWU claimed Starbucks was “taking a cue […]

German Pastor Declares “God Is Queer” During Nuremberg Protestant Congress

A Lutheran pastor in Germany called God “queer” during a politically-charged service held this past Sunday. Quinton Ceasar, the pastor who closed out the German Protestant Church Congress in Nuremberg on June 11, describes himself as a “theologian activist” on his Instagram. Ceasar’s Sunday sermon was littered with progressive talking points which promoted Black Lives […]