When Female Doctors DENY Biology To Accommodate Biological Men…

Something nefarious is going on in medicine.

It’s more than what we’ve seen over the last few years with relation to governments lying, medical institutions misleading patients and Big Pharma getting bigger than ever.

It’s the way women are being let down and forgotten by female doctors — doctors who are both women and who treat women.

Of course, as the transgender movement has grown and changed, we’ve seen a massive medical overhaul. This has come from all sides, and concerned all sorts of things — definitions, how we understand women, mothers, breastfeeding, giving birth.

But one of the worst things has been watching female doctors deny the biology of women in order to accommodate men. These are the OBGYNs and gynecologists who will continue treating us while saying that men can be women.

It is a mystery to me how this is acceptable and how it is allowed to continue.

The fact is, female bodies can do some truly amazing things. But, the same as it is for males, our bodies are unique. They require unique care. To act as if that biology is irrelevant undermines everything that is female medicine.

But, these doctors would rather virtue signal than actually do their duty to their patients. I find it truly disgusting.