Montana Family Launches First Amendment Suit Against State After Being Threatened With Arrest For Speaking Out Against “Kidnapping” Of “Transgender” Daughter

A Montana family who lose custody of their daughter for refusing to “affirm” her transgender identity has launched a first amendment complaint against the state after being threatened with arrest for speaking out against Child and Family Services. As previously reported by The Publica, 14-year-old “Jennifer” was recently removed from the custody of her family […]

“Anti-Diet” Fitness Instructor Claims Recent Pilates Trend Is Linked To Transphobia, The Alt-Right

A fitness instructor who promotes the “health at every size” and “fat positivity” movement is raising eyebrows for associating women who practice Pilates with transphobia and the alt-right. Barb Puzanovova, who goes by the handle @nondiet_trainer, denounced the recent surge in popularity the exercise regimen is experiencing, attributing it to anti-fat bigotry. Puzanovova first began […]