Dutch Manufacturer Who Created World’s First Baby Sex Doll Now Offering Dog Sex Dolls For Zoophiles

Amy Hamm

The author of a book on sexual abuse and sex dolls is sounding the alarm about a company offering customizable canine sex dolls online for zoophiles.

Earlier this week, Caitlin Roper took to X (formerly Twitter) to call out “Mythical Creations,” a company owned by a man previously exposed for manufacturing custom infant and toddler sex dolls for pedophiles, after she learned that it had also begun producing penetrable dog toys for zoophiles.

“A manufacturer of toddler and infant sex abuse dolls, who invites male customers to send in a photo of the child they want their doll to look like, is now selling customizable dog sex dolls,” she warned.

Mythical Creations has an extensive website and online shop, advertising its purpose as meeting the needs of those stigmatized by society.

“There are not enough companies willing to create animal sex dolls because it’s considered taboo in our society. We decided to step up to the plate and create the first dog sex dolls,” reads their website. “If you love the shape of dogs then the beautiful shape of doll alone will turn you on much more than a fleshlight.”

The canine sex dolls come in a variety of breeds, with Mythical Creations boasting that they “used photos of a real dog as reference” in order to “make sure that our dog sex doll looks as realistic as possible.” On the product page, Mythical Creations says the dog toys have “oral, anal, and vaginal functions,” and can be posed in “multiple positions.”

One doll costs $2,800 USD, with additional options available depending on buyer preference.

Sex doll manufacturer Bram Joosten. Photo: SOUNDCLOUD

Regarding bestiality laws, the company says that their penetrable dog toys have been shipped “without any problems” to the USA and Europe. “These dolls do not fall under any bestiality laws because they could very well just be considered realistic dog dolls used for art [and] photography.”

The company does not list their location but claims to have been operating since 2018 and to have more than 1,250 customers. They advise customers in Islamic countries to not ship their sex dolls (dog or human) to their locations, as some of these countries “may have forbidden the import of sex dolls.”

Based on photographs used on the Mythical Creations site, it appears that it is owned by Dutch national Bram Joosten, who formerly had a similar website using identical photos. In 2022, Joosten said in a video posted online that he had moved to an African country to kickstart a sexual sanctuary for pedophiles without legal repercussions.

A photo of Joosten and his ex-partner. SOURCE: 4W.

His announcement followed an extensive expose by journalist Anna Slatz revealing that he had been manufacturing infant and toddler sex dolls, as well as customizable child-like sex dolls.

As previously reported by independent child safeguarding news outlet Reduxx, Joosten had also operated a website which hosted videos of adult males “having sex with dolls in the likeness of small children.”

While Joosten has previously tried to claim that he is simply providing a “therapeutic service” for those with taboo desires, speaking to The Publica, Caitlin Roper, the author of Sex Dolls, Robots, and Woman Hating, explained that the dolls are far from harmless.

“There are some people who will defend this as a fantasy, or a victimless crime. They’ll say, ‘it’s not an actual dog’, or ‘it’s not an actual baby’, as though there is no harm. But we have to view these products in context, and that’s a context where men do sexually abuse and rape children, infants and animals, and these products encourage and legitimize this abuse, and enable men to practice,” she said.

On X, social media users have universally condemned the dog sex dolls as “abhorrent,” with many wondering how they were considered legal. Others speculated that eventually, the zoophiles purchasing the dolls may seek out “the real thing,” putting animals in their proximity at risk.

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