Fitness Influencer CANCELED By Fans After Speaking Out Against OnlyFans

Natasha Biase

A fitness influencer has issued an apology after sharing a now-viral post on Instagram criticizing the normalization of OnlyFans as an option for impressionable young women. Iulia Danilova, a fitness model, entrepreneur, and mom of two daughters, first shared a post yesterday calling out the subscription-based porn site for degrading women.

In her initial post, Danilova’s caption read: “Let’s talk about OF,” adding that this topic has been on her mind lately due to its rise in popularity over the last couple of years.

“I wanted to share what’s been on my mind lately,” she wrote. “I’ve been hesitating to bring it up, and I’m not sure if this will attract more hate or support, but at the very least, I am true to myself.”

Stressing that it was not her intention to pass judgement, Danilova added: “I see more and more young women sharing their explicit content on platforms like OF. While I fully respect everyone’s right to live their lives how they want, I can’t help but feel a sense of disappointment.”

She continued: “What is alarming to me is how quickly this platform became socially acceptable. And for the younger generation of girls, this may now seem like a normal path. When have we lost our morals and principles?”

In addition to expressing her confusion and disgust that a significant other would be comfortable with his wife sharing sexually explicit content for money, Danilova also asks why anyone would pursue OnlyFans as a profession.

“Why engage in this?” she asked. “Is it solely for the sake of quick and easy money, to the point where personal values are no longer considered? And are there any values left whatsoever?”

Concluding her thoughts, the fitness influencer reminds her female followers that launching an OnlyFans career would remain on their resumes forever and that she hoped she was not alone in thinking no amount of money could tempt her to start producing internet pornography.

“Personally, there is nothing that can make me start creating content for the platform in question. No amount of money can compromise my values and principles. And I hope I am not alone.”

But Danilova’s post quickly gathered backlash amongst her followers, with over 5,000 comments rolling in — many of which denounced her for her OnlyFans-critical stance. Danilova’s follower count quickly began to drop following the post, with the fitness guru losing a few thousand fans within a day.

An OnlyFans creator and former follower of Danilova soon after shared screenshots of the post to X (formerly Twitter), and boasted of the negative reaction Danilova had received.

“A fitness influencer I’ve followed for like a decade posted this today. I cannot get over the nasty shaming, hypocrisy, and pick me behavior completely out of left field,” wrote the adult model and livestreamer. “I love that the comments are tearing her apart though. The only shameful thing is how she is acting.”

Due to an overwhelming amount of backlash, Danilova quickly issued another statement clarifying her position, but indicating she was standing firm in her views.

“I want to thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback on my last post,” she wrote.

“Reflecting on your responses. I realize that my initial message could have been more empathetic and better structured and some of my points might have been misinterpreted or taken out of context. I’d like to take this opportunity to explain my position and also address some of the feedback I received.”

She goes on to note that the rise of “explicit content in the past few years is undeniable,” adding that her concern was “primarily with [the] growing normalization of EXPLICIT content on the platforms like OF, especially among the younger generation.”

Addressing accusations that she is a “hypocrite” for making a career out of posting her fitness transformation throughout the years, Danilova states her success is different because there is a “clear distinction between sharing fitness-focus content, even when it involves showing the body, and EXPLICIT content for profit.”

Danilova concludes her post by repeating that she should have articulated her original post more clearly but encourages her followers to “stand firm in [their] beliefs” as she continues to commit to listening and learning from “different perspectives.”

The Publica reached out to Danilova for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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