Walmart Employee Fired After Expressing Concern For Child Brought In To Store Wearing Only A Diaper

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A Walmart employee has reportedly been fired following the recording of an altercation where she and concerned customers confronted a woman who brought her child into the store in just a diaper despite freezing temperatures.

The incident took place on January 17 in Mississippi, and footage from the confrontation quickly went viral on social media. In the video, a young boy appears to be shivering, his teeth rattling, while sitting in a shopping cart and draped loosely in a black winter coat.

The mother of the child, now-identified as Kambria Darby, was confronted by Walmart employee Felicia Nicole and a few customers about the child entering the store wearing only a diaper.


Video got delete bc of the guide lines but here it goes again for some ppl who’s being asking for it

♬ original sound – Fee Nicole

Darby can be heard saying at the start of the video “he okay” in reference to the boy.

“He came in here without that jacket on,” one of the concerned women off-camera says. 

Darby then pulls a food item out of the freezer, and casually tosses it into the cart where it then lands on the boy’s legs. Someone can then be heard screaming: “Don’t do that! Somebody call the police!” 

Darby then becomes hostile towards one man, yelling at him in an obscenity-laced tirade and paradoxically twerking intermittently . She then admits that Child Protective Services had already been called on her “twice.”

In another video from the incident, a woman sitting in one of the store’s electric scooters can be seen putting clothing on the boy while Darby’s attention is on her phone.

In a third video providing an update on the situation, the Walmart employee, Felicia Nicole, tearfully explains that they called the police and Darby was arrested. 


Grandmother has her kids !!! Dont know if its true but someone told me that !! So there you have it

♬ original sound – Fee Nicole

“She asked me did I have a child, in the video. Yes I do have a child. He’s deceased but if my child was living, ain’t no way in hell my child would be out there with no clothes on, just a diaper,” Nicole says.

The arrest was confirmed publicly by Byram Police Department in a Facebook post reviewing crimes in the area between January 15 and January 21.

According to the Dark Horse Press, local police received a call regarding the child being inappropriately dressed on January 17, around 10:30 am. Officers responded, securing the child until emergency services could arrive to evaluate his condition. The boy was then released to the care of a relative.

Darby has been charged with contributing to the neglect or delinquency of a minor, a charge that carries a maximum sentence of six years in prison if convicted, as reported by the Messenger.

But distressingly, the concerned Walmart employee whose courageous confrontation resulted in the arrest has been terminated.

Felicia Nicole detailed what happened after the camera stopped rolling in a GoFundMe page she established to help her cover living expenses while she is without employment. 

“I took it upon myself to record it for the [child’s] sake. No I wasn’t thinking about the consequences … At that time my main focus was on that innocent poor child, and to get him some help,” Nicole wrote on the GoFundMe page. 

She confirms that she posted the video on her Facebook account because she hoped to reach family members of Darby or any case workers who might be involved with Darby’s child. According to Nicole’s account of the events that followed, her video received over 3,000 shares within an hour of posting and her manager called her asking her to take it down, to which she complied. When she came back to work on January 20, she was fired during her shift. 

In a statement to the Messenger, a spokesperson from Walmart stated the company shared the concern for the child from the video, adding “we don’t discuss personnel matters involving current or former associates.”

They went on to explain employees are “encouraged and empowered” to use judgment when contacting authorities upon seeing something concerning, “however all associates are also expected to follow the Walmart Code of Conduct.” 

Nicole’s GoFundMe set a goal of raising $5,000 but has since amassed over $24,000 in the four days it has been live with over 900 people contributing. In an update from January 26, Nicole thanks those who have donated and showed support explaining she will be able to pay her rent and utilities for months, stock up on food, and buy the car she “always wanted.”

Social media reaction to Nicole’s actions has been overwhelmingly positive, with many people crediting her for protecting the boy from further harm.

As reported by the Smoking Gun, Darby took to Facebook following her arrest to deny that she was neglectful. She goes on to admit that her children were removed by CPS, but expresses that the commentary surrounding the incident was akin to defamation, and comparing her ordeal to the persecution of Jesus Christ.

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