Adult Man Cast To Play Teen Girl In New “Woke” Doctor Who Reboot

Natasha Biase

Fans are rolling their eyes over the latest reboot of Doctor Who after the series made an effort to go “woke” by incorporating a transgender actor’s identity into the storyline. In one scene that sparked outrage online, Doctor Who is reprimanded by the transgender character for using the wrong pronouns.

In the first episode of the 60th Anniversary Special, David Tennant reprises his role in the 14th incarnation of the time-bending Doctor only to be scolded for not using the correct pronouns for an alien. The scolding is done by Rose, a 15-year-old girl played by an adult male, for assuming an alien character called Beep The Meep has masculine pronouns.

“You’re assuming ‘he’ as a pronoun?” asks Rose.

Apologizing, the Doctor proceeds to ask The Meep its preferred pronouns: “True. Yes. Sorry, good point. Are you he, or she, or they?”

“My chosen pronoun is the definite article. I am always The Meep,” responds the alien. 

Among scenes debuting Rose as the sci-fi show’s first-ever transgender character include when his mother, Donna, comes to his defense after being “dead named” by bullies and another where Rose’s grandmother accidentally misgenders him and apologizes for being “clumsy.”

Although David Tennant has been an outspoken advocate for transgender issues in the past, sporting a Tardis pin with the trans flag while doing press for the show, that didn’t stop fans from questioning why gender ideology needed to be incorporated in the beloved sci-fi series.

One X (formerly Twitter) user who goes by the handle @Altst wrote:

“Absolutely no need for the trans storyline #DrWho. Dr Who is about escapism. Not trying to brainwash everyone into all this gender crap. I’m so disappointed, and I feel sorry for my son with learning difficulties who doesn’t understand this misogynistic crap!”

Agreeing, another X user added that they were tired of the propaganda being forced on audiences:

“Great hope she’s a great character that entertains us.  Not preach intersectional woke none… Oh wait, she’s just there to preach intersectional dogma. Pass.”

“A 20-year-old man is playing the part of a 15-year-old girl…That’s it, that’s the tweet,” responded the pro-woman X account.

Doctor Who is not the first sci-fi reboot to incorporate transgender representation into the storyline. Star Trek has similarly prompted upset for using gender-bending characters from the show to promote Transgender Awareness Week on X.

In a clip featuring Gray, a non-binary character and a Trill, which is “a companion alien species that lives through many lifetimes inside different Trill hosts,” she describes what she could do if she got another chance to remake her body.

“Transitioning, it’s like I had bigger things to think about,” she said. But…if I get another chance to remake my body, then why not get rid of the things that aren’t totally me?”

In response, one X user who goes by the handle @thatstarwarsgirl accused the writers of having no historical context for the Trill species and its ability to modify its body any way it pleases:

“All this clip proves is that the people writing Trek don’t know shit about it. They have the technology to modify the body anyway they please. This person could completely change themselves to whatever they’d like & no one would bat an eye,” she wrote.

“Plus in Trill society the competition to become a host is so intense there’s no way a person with body dysmorphia would ever be approved of as a host. If you wanted to have a character that focuses on gender themes this character should of been J’naii. @StarTrek you need to hire people that actually know trek. This is just embarrassing.”

In addition to Gray being played by a non-binary actor, the show also features a romance between him and a transgender character named Adira, played by trans-identified female actress Ian Alexander.

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