“An Assisted Lynching” : Trans Activists Slam Assault Victim After She Called Police On “Black Trans Woman” Who Attacked Her

Amy Hamm

Trans activists are attacking a woman who was the victim of a violent assault at the hands of a trans-identified male, claiming she put his life at risk by calling the police. Earlier this week, Aspen Burrell, a young woman living in New York City, claimed that she had been beaten and bit by a transgender rapper named Quayana “Quay” Dash. 

Speaking to Reduxx on Tuesday, Burrell explained that her ordeal with Dash began three weeks ago, when she witnessed a disturbing altercation between him and his female roommate. Though she was uninvolved in the altercation, she stood with the roommate after Dash had reportedly locked her out of the apartment, and waited with her until police arrived. Dash was ultimately arrested, but released shortly after.

But on March 16, Burrell says Dash targeted her as she was coming home from the grocery store, accusing her of having been the one who called police on him weeks earlier. Though Burrell explained she hadn’t been the one who had called police that day, Dash attacked her anyway — resulting in Burrell sustaining serious injuries to her face, hand, thigh, and neck that all required medical treatment.

Dash even bit her on the backside, resulting in Burrell having to be given a tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis vaccine as a precaution.

Though she filed a police report and identified Dash as her assailant, Burrell explained that the NYPD had yet to make an arrest, and instead advised her to stay in her home to avoid further assaults.

Burrell has since launched a fundraiser to pay for a lawyer in light of the inaction of the NYPD, and has said she said she hopes to obtain a restraining order against Dash as she has been afraid to leave her home.

Dash has been a rap and hip-hop artist since at least 2017. One of his albums, “Transphobia,” was discussed in The Guardian. In their piece, Dash claimed that he fears for his life due to “transphobia” in the United States. One of his songs has been featured on HBO’s popular series, Euphoria.

But while Burrell has been met with an outpouring of support from women concerned for her safety and outraged at the police inaction, she is now experiencing a wave of criticism from trans activists who are upset she called law enforcement on a “black trans woman.”

In a post made yesterday, one transgender user going by the name @loverboi4l wrote: “I’m sorry I’ll never call the cops on a black trans woman… like be soooo fr.”

The user’s post has accumulated over 1,000 ‘likes’ at the time of publication, and prompted a number of similar comments from those accusing Burrell of putting Dash’s life at risk by calling the police on him.

“Calling cops on a black trans woman is crazy. You basically saying you want her hurt and possibly killed,” another trans-identified male said in response.

Another user, @sugarpalmnut, called it an “assisted lynching” that Burrell had received support from those critical of gender ideology.

Others, like user @binarybluecrab, attempted to dismiss Dash’s actions as being the result of a mental health episode, and argued that more “non-police alternatives to safety” are required.

Another user, @gettingscared, argued that Burrell was a “transphobic liar” and had fabricated her experience, claiming that police would have immediately acted if a “black trans woman” had committed an assault due to police racism and transphobia.

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