AUSTRALIA: Serial Rapist Who Attempted To Murder 5-Year-Old Girl Given $800,000 In Disability Support Following Release From Prison

Natasha Biase

After nearly 22 years behind bars, a violent sex offender who raped and attempted to murder a 5-year-old girl is scheduled for release. Stephen Neil White will be provided over $800,000 in support from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) after being turned loose.

In 2001, White entered a relationship with a single mother, taking the two camping at Lily Lagoon in Kununurra. After becoming upset with the woman, he assaulted her, quickly turning his attentions on the woman’s daughter. He then smashed the girl’s head with a rock, raped her, and attempted to strangle her to death.

After a lengthy manhunt, White was arrested by police and charged with attempted murder and rape. While he was initially handed just 13 years in prison for the horrific crime, his sentence was later increased to 16 years on appeal, with an additional 17 months tacked-on for the attack on the girl’s mother.

Despite having a lengthy history of violent criminal behavior, White appeared before the Western Australia Supreme Court this week where Justice Michael Lundberg ruled he was eligible for release.

Although White’s disturbing past meant he was subject to a continuing detention order, the state requested the court impose a “supervision order with strict conditions” instead. In response, Judge Lundberg agreed and alternatively imposed a three-year supervision order.

“I consider it is undoubtedly necessary to make a restriction order to ensure the adequate protection of the community against the respondent’s unacceptable risk of committing a serious offense,” explained Judge Lundberg.

As a result, White’s internet access will be limited, he must report to corrective services regularly, and he will be subjected to electronic monitoring. White will also have a curfew, is not allowed to drink alcohol or watch pornography, and cannot interact with children or women online unless permitted.

Disturbingly, White’s release was granted despite the courts acknowledging that he is “at high risk of serious sexual offending unless restricted.” 

Upon release, White is also set to receive $807,189 worth of NDIS support for one year, which includes all-male around-the-clock care.

White’s criminal history dates back to 1983 when, as Daily Mail reports, he assaulted a minor. Only one year later,  White raped an elderly woman in her South Australia home and, while on bail, tried to sexually assault another woman. 

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Natasha Biase

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