CANADA: Serial Predator Arrested And Released FOUR TIMES In One Month

Amy Hamm

Residents in Richmond, British Columbia are expressing their outrage at police inaction after a serial predator has been arrested and released 4 times in the span of just one month. Peter Andrew Wehren, 32, was most recently arrested on March 8 after attempting to lure a minor to a park to facilitate a sexual offense or abduction.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police issued a statement following Wehren’s latest arrest, noting that he was taken into custody in Vancouver for “two breach charges and an outstanding warrant from Richmond.” The arrest marked Wehren’s fourth run-in with police since late February.

Following his first arrest on February 21, police issued a warning to the public that the man had been in contact with “additional youth,” and asked for potential victims—or their parents—to come forward. Police initially refused to release Wehren’s name, photograph, or description, and released him from custody without charges. Their media release put the onus on parents and children to maintain their own safety. 

Speaking to media, Richmond RCMP officer Adriana O’Malley gave advice to parents: “Talking about the risks of social media; the dangers of social media. Befriending people that are strangers. In terms of personal safety, it’s important that children know that they shouldn’t be communicating with strangers. And if a stranger is talking to them, they should be talking to their parent, guardian, or trusted adult about it.”

But Wehren’s identity was later revealed after he was released on bail almost immediately after his arrest. Within two days, Wehren had been arrested yet again for breaching his bail conditions, he was then released once more on February 29. Police arrested Wehren on March 3, and released him yet again on March 4. Four days later, he was arrested for the fourth time.

In their press release, the RCMP outlined Wehren’s “numerous conditions,” including: not to contact the victims and their families; not to communicate with or be in the presence of anyone 18 or under; not to attend parks, pools, daycares, school grounds, playgrounds, community centres, or theatres; not to work or volunteer in positions that involve contact with persons under 18; and to not use the internet to communicate or attempt to communicate “with any persons you know to be or who reasonabl[y] appear or represent themselves to be under the age of 18 years.”

Wehren is currently awaiting yet another bail hearing, and may be released yet again today.

Commenting on Wehren’s case, BC Conservative Party candidate Michelle Mollineaux took to X (formerly Twitter) to call for justice reform.

“The BC NDP doesn’t get it. Child predator Peter Wehren has broken bail rules four times and been arrested as many times. When is enough enough? It’s clear the justice system needs a complete overhaul,” she posted.

On the Safe Streets Vancouver Instagram page, numerous social media users expressed outrage at the nation’s “catch and release” bail system, which Canada’s opposition Conservative leader, Pierre Poilievre, has pledged to end.

“Why do we have police and jails again? I forget,” quipped one commenter.

Richmond RCMP are continuing their criminal investigation of Wehren. They are asking the public “who may have witnessed, or have information regarding this file, to call Richmond RCMP at 604-278-1212 and quote file number 2024-5744.”

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