CANADA: Trans-Identified Male Charged After Assaulting Breastfeeding Mother And Her Baby

Genevieve Gluck

A trans-identified male has been arrested after assaulting a breastfeeding mother in Vancouver, British Columbia. Nathaniel Francis Beekmeyer, 26, was charged on Friday, with media and local police referring to him as a “woman.”

The assault occurred on Thursday, May 9, at approximately 2:15PM, when the mother, her husband, their baby boy, and one other family member were sitting in their vehicle on Commercial Drive. A strange man opened the door of the car and attempted to grab the mother and her nursing 4-month-old infant from the back of the car.

Beekmeyer was arrested and charged the next day, with police telling local media the man had previous encounters with law enforcement.

“The victim and witnesses say the suspect was reaching for and grabbing at the mother and baby. The mother, a woman in her 30s from Vancouver, screamed, held onto the baby, and attempted to fight off the man,” Constable Tania Visintin said in a statement to CityNews.

However, a press release from the Vancouver Police Department refers to suspect Beekmeyer as “she,” and multiple news outlets, including the Vancouver Sun and the CBC, have referred to him as simply a “woman.” Other news sites, such as Global News, edited Visintin’s comment to refer to him as a “person,” and opted for using “they” rather than “she.”

A YouTube channel belonging to Beekmeyer has now been identified where he has uploaded several disturbing videos in which he refers to himself as a “dead girl,” discusses reincarnation, his mission to transform men into women, and declares in a video titled “Estrogen is the Strongest Euphioriant [sic]” that the female hormone provides “the greatest high.”

Almost all of Beekmeyer’s videos are shot in a decrepit room with disturbing scribbling on the walls. In some of the videos, he is completely silent, and simply sits in front of the camera with distorted music playing in the background.

“Let’s take some estrogen. This is pure estrogen,” Beekmeyer says in one video. “First of all, we open the vial. Now we take a whole bunch. How much do we take? Well, how much is this? Hmm? I love it. That was about 15 milligrams. So seven days worth of estrogen. Yeah, I was trying to take a lot because I love feeling euphoric,” he says.

“Estrogen is the greatest high. Women get it all the time. Men should get it all the time too,” Beekmeyer continues. “Oh my god, it turns me on because I turn myself on by acting all super cute after. It’s such a heaven doing drugs, you know… Even if you’re a serial killer like me, you’re gonna have to start to realize that a female form is not weak. It’s strong.”

He continues: “Now I’m thinking, how can I kill you? I could have killed you in a different video… Yeah, I’m a serial killer. Do you hate women? I hate women. They don’t take enough estrogen.”

Beekmeyer seen standing in a chaotic room in one of several disturbing videos uploaded to his YouTube channel.

In another video called “Beautiful Dead Girl Complains About Men for the First Time,” Beekmeyer presents himself as a savior who will “fix the world” by transforming men into women. “This is very serious, all women have been destroyed, it’s true, this is official. Women have been destroyed using violence. I’m not glad that this happened, I’m very upset,” Beekmeyer says.

“What I do is, I’m a beautiful person, I present myself in a beautiful way, I’m not beautiful. But beauty in this world is something you no longer see, or at least I no longer see. Women are hidden from you guys. I’m not sure why, but either way I will fix the world, I will return the women to the world. I will release them again.”

He continues: “What I seek is to make the margin of beauty a lot higher. First of all, most of these men in the world, they’re not really men, they’re women. We need to fix them. We need to turn them into a better state… Woman is a state of pure pleasure, it’s true. Woman has a different kind of nervous system than a man does.”

Other video titles include “100% Sadist 1,” “Dead Girl is Single Looking for Woman,” and “Your Quantum Powers and How To Reincarnate Explained While I Smoke a Cigarette.” While discussing his theories on reincarnation, Beekmeyer asserts that “we live in a 12-dimensional state in a 14-dimensional universe.”

This is not the first time a law enforcement agency in Vancouver has given incorrect information on a suspect’s identity due to their transgender status.

As previously reported by The Publica, the Metro Vancouver Transit Police claimed they “didn’t know” if the primary suspect in a skytrain sexual assault was male or female despite having recovered semen during the investigation.

On February 8, the Transit Police issued a press release pleading for help to identify the rapist. While photos and videos showed what appeared to be a male with long hair, some basic information on the suspect was curiously omitted from the release. No pronouns were used, and no information on the suspect’s sex was included.

In a recorded phone call with journalist Amy Hamm, Constable Amanda Steed said the information had been intentionally left out because the Transit Police were unsure of how to refer to the suspect. 

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