Canadian High School Students Given “Sex Education” Materials On Kink, Urine Fetishes

Natasha Biase

The Minister of Education in Saskatchewan, Canada has suspended Planned Parenthood from presenting in schools after the organization distributed disturbing sex education material to high school students.

One of the resources provided by Planned Parenthood was called Using Sex: From A to Z, which used cards to describe different aspects of sex or sexuality using letters of the alphabet. The resource sparked outrage among parents for its highly graphic content.

Starting with the letter A, the first card lists “auto-fellatio,” which is described as the practice of a male performing fellatio on his own genitals. “Be aware,” it reads, “you can spread an STI from one area of your body to another through skin-to-skin contact such as a herpes sore.”

Other shocking cards given to the minors include “cathodillia,” which is described as being attracted to one’s television, “felching,” which is the act of consuming semen from your partner’s rectum, and “kink,” which the card defines as “non-traditional sex.” Another disturbing card describes “yellow and brown showers” as the act of “pissing and crapping on your partner.”

The card reads: “If you’re going to experiment with bodily fluids, best you keep them on the outside of your body to reduce risks of parasites or viruses.”

After the materials were made available to students, parents received a follow-up email from Lumsden High School explaining that the presentation was related to sexually transmitted infections and consent and that Planned Parenthood had provided secondary reading materials.

Although the email claims that this additional reading was “not in the scope of the Grade 9 health curriculum” and that only one student took the card game home, some child safeguarding groups dismissed the school district’s excuses.

Nadine Ness, founder and president of Unified Grassroots, a collective of concerned parents in Saskatchewan, took to Twitter to claim that the email from the school was dishonest and that several kids were exposed to the sexually explicit materials:

“Several kids grabbed some of the cards and were discussing them among themselves inside and outside of the classroom. Yea the email is incorrect. It was not one student.”

Chris Elston, a Canadian activist known for his criticism of “gender ideology,” also shared the materials on Twitter and reminded his followers that this is not the first time this card game has been distributed in Canadian schools.

In 2015, a school in Chilliwack, British Columbia, was forced to apologize for “accidentally” giving the same graphic sex education materials to 8th and 9th graders too.

Despite Saskatchewan’s education Minister vowing that the ministry will ensure sex education materials are age appropriate, he also notes that Planned Parenthood could be allowed to present at schools again in the future.

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