Canadian Mother Who Criticized Non-Binary Teacher Has Car Spray Painted With Swastikas, Identity Leaked By Antifa-Linked Group

Jack Hadfield

A Canadian mother who spoke out against a “non-binary” teacher at her children’s school was reportedly targeted by vandals after her identity was leaked by an “anti-hate” group.

The mother, who goes by the tongue-in-cheek social media moniker “Blonde Bigot,” first posted images of her Jeep to X on Saturday, showing the white vehicle had been tagged with black spray-painted swastikas on all sides.

“My vehicle was vandalized last night,” she said, showing her social media handle had also been painted on the back of the SUV. “Does anyone know how to remove this?”

The mother first gained attention on social media in November of last year after criticizing a female “non-binary” teacher who was employed at her children’s school. Blonde Bigot revealed that the teacher, who works at Pitt Meadows Secondary School, had allegedly shouted at her students, and was posting topless photos on her public Instagram profile in order to show off her cosmetic mastectomy scars.

Images from the teacher’s social media profile were later circulated by Libs of TikTok.

“I guarantee if it was a hot female teacher who was posting photos of herself topless that the children could access she would be fired immediately,” Blonde Bigot said at the time, noting that an ex BC Lions cheerleader also works at the school and had been forced to delete her social media due to having photos of herself in her cheer uniform.

She also expressed concern that the school as a whole had become too politicized, with LGBT Pride flags being displayed across the facility along with other left-wing messaging.

After Blonde Bigot attempted to complain to the school, administrators reportedly called the police on her, telling her she could be arrested for “issuing threats.”

But the situation only continued to escalate after the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN), a far-left Antifa-linked organization, named the mother and what city she was currently living in.

Speaking to The Publica, Blonde Bigot confirmed that the address CAHN had released was not her own residence, but the location where her children resided with her ex-husband. The address published by CAHN is the same one on file with her children’s school, suggesting that it was someone associated with the school who gave out the information.

“Who else would know that that’s the exact address… when I myself was doxed as living [elsewhere]?” she questioned. “It doesn’t make sense. Somebody from Anti-Hate isn’t going to know I’m in Pitt Meadows at that exact address. I know they have contacts, but I can’t put it together. Who else would know?” 

After posting to social media about what had happened to her vehicle, some left-wing activists accused Blonde Bigot of committing the crime herself to attract sympathy and attention. She told The Publica that the claims were “ridiculous” and unfounded.

“I’ve got a really high deductible for things like comprehensive damage, which includes vandalism,” she said. “If I’m going to cost myself [thousands of dollars] for what, for a few hundred more followers on Twitter? It’s absurd that people would think I would do that to myself.”

While the culprits of the vandalism have yet to be identified, she noted that neighbors were looking at security tapes. On Friday evening, the mother said that she “put in a few hours of work with mineral spirits and a good wax afterwards” and the car was now “as good as new.”

Following the coverage of the initial scandal, the school district confirmed that the teacher in question has their “full and unreserved support,” despite the allegations of aggressively berating students and posting inappropriate content to social media.

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