Charges Pending Against Transgender Student Following Assault At Oregon Middle School

Natasha Biase

Criminal charges are now pending against a trans-identified male student who was filmed brutally attacking a female student at Hazelbrook Middle School in Tualatin, Oregon.

According to independent outlet Reduxx, the Washington County Juvenile Department has confirmed that a petition was filed with the Juvenile Court following the horrific filmed assault of a female student last week.

The viral footage, showing a bralette-clad teen boy attacking a female student without provocation, began circulating on social media yesterday and sparked national outrage.

In a statement to Reduxx, Ray Cameron, director of WCJD, confirmed that the transgender student is currently being processed, and charges are pending:

“A petition has been filed with the Juvenile Court and the charges are pending. In light of Oregon records law pertaining to juveniles, we are not able to comment further regarding this particular youth,” explained Cameron. “The Washington County Juvenile Department remains committed to enhancing community safety and breaking the cycle of delinquency through effective evidence-based intervention practices and holding youth accountable for their behavior.”

On September 27, a disturbing clip began circulating showing a trans-identified male student violently assaulting a female student in the hallway at Hazelbrook Middle School.

On September 26, as though in anticipation of the assault footage going viral, the Tigard-Tualatin School District held an emergency “Student Safety and Well Being” forum to answer questions concerned parents within the district may have. Along with Principals from several schools attending, the District Superintendent and three police officers were also present.

The meeting included a question and answer period wherein Superintendent Sue Rieke-Smith told parents that the District did not have a “zero tolerance” policy on student misconduct. She added that “zero tolerance” policies for violent behavior were ineffective, and increase the risks for potentially deadly retaliation by students against the schools they felt “excluded” from.

In addition, some of the District school principals revealed that there was a new trend involving students attacking each other for the purposes of filming it and uploading it to social media. While they refused to speak directly to the assault at Hazelbrook, it was heavily implied this may have been the case.

This is not the first time the Tigard-Tualatin School District has had a progressive approach to gender ideology in its schools. Last November, a middle school in Portland sparked outrage for allowing students to skip class to “watch a TV show promoting the medical transitioning of minors.” The TV series, “First Day,” is about a 12-year-old boy who identifies as female.

According to Daily Wire, the school permitted students to skip their last two class periods on a Friday to watch the show for “Transgender Awareness Week.”

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