Child Reportedly Assaulted In Women’s Changing Room Of Canadian Aquatic Center By Man Boasting “I Could Identify As A Lady With A Beard”

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A child was reportedly assaulted in the female changing room of a recreation center in Duncan, British Columbia by a man who had been using the women’s facilities. In the shocking post made by the child’s aunt yesterday, she reveals that the man became violent after being confronted by parents for undressing in front of little girls.

On March 24, a woman in British Columbia uploaded a 33-second clip to her Facebook showing an altercation she recorded at the Cowichan Aquatic Centre in Duncan. In the video, she is heard confronting a male who is in the changing room with two women. The man is seen holding a child, and multiple other children are in the background of the video.

“I could identify as a lady with a beard,” the man says chidingly while walking up to the woman. “And there’s nothing you can do about that.”

As the man approaches closer to the camera, another woman is seen trying to calm him down and seemingly hold him back.

“Don’t let them get you upset, David,” she says.

“Oh I’m not upset, I could identify as a lady and there’s nothing you can do about it,” the man repeats. Just as he finishes his sentence, another woman holding a baby rushes the camera and begins hitting it repeatedly.

The shot then goes dark, and children’s screams of pain and fear quickly fill the room.

In the accompanying Facebook post, the woman, Sage Point, explains that she had been at the Cowichan Aquatic Centre with her 10-year-old niece, and that the girl was physically assaulted by the man after he was confronted.

“This male was In the women’s change room at the Cowichan Aquatic Centre NAKED making many females including my young nieces very uncomfortable,” Sage writes in her post. “This male even assaulted one of my niece’s who is TEN years old! Wtf! Smashed her head into the wall!!!”

Sage, who is a member of British Columbia’s First Nations, then goes on to say that police were notified, but rather than taking action against the man, they began investigating one of the women who confronted the man.

“Protecting indigenous females and young indigenous females at that should not be a crime. There is a universal/family change room, males change room and females change room. Females should not feel scared in what is supposed to be a safe space,” Sage writes.

The Publica has reached out to the Cowichan Aquatic Center, who confirmed that they had a “gender inclusive” policy which allowed people to self-identify into the changing room they felt most comfortable with. Specific questions on the incident were not answered.

This is not the first incident involving men utilizing women’s changing rooms in British Columbia and being confronted by concerned parents.

In February of 2023, Reduxx reported that a mother had been threatened with arrest by staff at the Aquatic Centre in Nanaimo after attempting to remove a male from the women’s locker rooms she said had been acting in a predatory manner towards her children. The man, who she described as wearing a wig and a face mask, had been peeping under the stall into the one where her young daughter had been changing.

With assistance from members of the community, the man was identified as a convicted child sex offender named Jeremy Melvin Carlson, who transitioned and now goes by Riley Otter — sometimes spelling his first name “Rhylie” or “Rhiley.”

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