Convicted Child Sex Offender Offering “Free Fentanyl” Outside Of K-8 School Arrested, Released In San Francisco

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A convicted child sex offender has been arrested after being found outside of a children’s school offering “free fentanyl” to new addicts in San Francisco. Adam Moore, 46, was nabbed on a probation violation but released shortly after.

Moore’s antics first came to widespread attention this week after ABC journalist Dan Noyes snapped photos of him across from the Stella Maris Academy, a K-8 in the Richmond district. Moore, who is homeless, had established a small camp with his personal items, bicycle, and tent. But it was the large sign that read “Free Fentanyl 4 New Users” that caused concern.

When questioned by Noyes, Moore asserted he was serious about giving away the drugs. He claimed he often received them in exchange for other supplies, and were passing them on to users as he does not take fentanyl.

“[People] bring me trash that they’ve scavenged, things that they think are valuable, or they give me some of the drugs that they have, which I don’t do,” Moore told Noyes.

When Noyes asked whether it was appropriate to be exposing young children to fentanyl, Moore said: “Yeah, I only live by two rules: be kind to others and make it look easy for children.”

Despite having lived near the school for two years, Moore is a repeat sex offender.

In 1996, Moore was convicted of the crime of “forcible unlawful sex.” The next year, he was convicted of “lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age.” Court documents reveal Moore has been arrested five times since 2007 for failing to inform police of his address every 30 days, a requirement of his registration. 

According to a Santa Cruz Sentinel report from 1997, Moore was convicted of molesting a 12-year-old girl in Santa Clara County before being released from custody and then sexually abusing a 15-year-old in Santa Cruz behind a set of bathrooms on Seabright Beach.

But because he is not classified as a “high-risk” offender, he is exempt from the rule ordering convicted child sex offenders to stay away from schools.

Yesterday, Moore was arrested on a probation violation related to a previous stay-away order obtained by a nearby fire station. But, for unknown reasons, police delayed his charges and released him late Friday night.

Moore has reportedly turned down offers for housing because he feels it will interfere with his liberty.

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