CANADA: Dog Killed After Being Thrown From Window Of “Supportive” Housing For “Individuals Living With Social Stigma”

Amy Hamm

The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) and SPCA are investigating the death of a dog that was reportedly thrown out the window of a supportive housing unit in the city.

The incident occurred in the city’s notorious Downtown Eastside neighborhood, which has been struggling with rampant homelessness, crime, drug addiction, and overdose deaths. The building, called the Molson Hotel, is run by the non-profit Portland Hotel Society (PHS), a “harm reduction” activist group.

The PHS describes the tenants of the building as “individuals living with physical and mental health issues, social stigma, emotional trauma, substance dependence, and other issues.” In 2023, the organization faced public scrutiny when its tenants unionized to demand better living conditions, including the addition of portable toilets to their courtyards

Speaking to media about the dog found dead in the alley outside Molson Hotel, police said that “[they] have conducted an investigation, which included speaking to witnesses and reviewing security video, and we believe it’s possible the dog was thrown from the window.” No charges have been laid.

Vancouverites have taken to social media to express their outrage. In the comments on an Instagram post by campaign group Safe Streets Vancouver, citizens blamed government and local leaders for the death.

“No more bleeding hearts in power. Forced rehab, mentally incapacitated need to be institutionalized, and the city needs to have some kind of decorum and calmness restored,” posted Instagram user @stripperdj.

“Let me guess… more free drugs all around? That’ll fix it. I’m fuming about this,” quipped Instagram user @courtney_brianne88.

On X (formerly Twitter), user @wrl58 expressed similar anger towards Vancouver’s social policies: “It’s supportive housing. Those people are allowed to do whatever they want including abusing animals and now killing them. There will be no charges. In fact they’ll probably go out and get another dog.”

Another user shared photos of the state of decay surrounding the Molson Hotel. 

Recently, Vancouver has received international press, including from The Publica, after the BC provincial court ruled that drug use in playgrounds and parks is “constitutionally protected.”

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