Dutch Journalist Faces Criminal Prosecution for “Inciting Hatred” after Criticizing Assault on Dutch Boy by Migrant Gang

Jack Hadfield

A Dutch journalist is facing prosecution for “racism” and “inciting hatred” after decrying the actions of a migrant gang who attacked a native Dutch boy in Amsterdam.

In May of last year, a video emerged of a gang of what appeared to be African-origin youths attacking a white boy at an Amsterdam metro station, kicking him and throwing him onto the tracks without any provocation.

Outraged by the footage, Raise Blommestijn, a former presenter for alternative news station “Unheard,responded to the video on X.

“Yet another white man got kicked around in the street by a group of black primates,” Blommestijn said in a Dutch-language statement translated by The Publica. “How many defenseless white people remain to become victims? Countless probably: the open borders elite is importing these people in droves, with all the consequences that entails.”

It should be noted that in Blommestijn’s original Dutch comment, she utilized the phrase “negroïde primaten.” But the term “negroïde” does not have the same offensive connotations as its equivalent in English and is instead used in a similar fashion to “caucasian” in terms of ethnic classifications, such as in medical or legal contexts. It can also be translated to simply mean “black.”

Sometime after posting her comment, Blommestijn says she was subject to a “four hour police interrogation.” In a video statement translated by Remix News, she confirmed that this week the “sword of Damocles has fallen,” and she now will have to “appear before the multiple sentencing chamber” on August 19th.

“The Netherlands of course pretends to be a democracy, a country with freedom of speech. But how much freedom of expression do you have when denouncing social and political problems like mass migration, migrant violence, and repopulation,” she asked, warning that anyone could be targeted.

Eva Vlaardingerbroek, a fellow journalist and friend of Blommestijn, commented on the case in a post on X.

“Welcome to The Netherlands, the totalitarian hell hole where freedom of speech doesn’t exist,” Vlaardingerbroek said, noting that as far as the public is aware, none of the gang members in the video who attacked the Dutch boy have been prosecuted so far.

“Our own governments are at war with us and have abdicated their responsibilities to protect our children,” added online commentator Klaus Arminius.

Further local news reports claim that Blommestijn may also be subject to charges of defamation. According to The Telegraaf, the country’s Public Prosecution Service is separately investigating her for calling somebody a “toddler fucker” in another tweet.

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