FBI Repeatedly Door Knocks Home of The Publica’s Investigative Journalist, Demands To Meet Over Reporting on Alleged Hamas Training Camp on US-Mexico Border

Jack Hadfield

The FBI has repeatedly door knocked the home of The Publica’s investigative journalist, Sarah Fields, demanding that she sit down and talk with them about her coverage of an alleged Hamas training camp on the US-Mexico border.

Fields, a journalist based in East Texas, revealed on X (formerly known as Twitter) that FBI agents had come to her home on October 17th, completely unannounced.

She added they later called her and attempted to arrange a private meeting at the FBI office in Tyler, Texas. They noted their interest in her coverage of violence and trafficking along the US-Mexico border.

Fields had previously revealed the exploitation of pregnant women by the Mexican cartels, who would “have their babies removed and left on the ground, and their stomachs stuffed with drugs.”

Speaking exclusively to The Publica, Fields confirmed that the FBI had specifically pressed her on her coverage of an alleged former Hamas training ground in Matamoros, Mexico, which stands directly across the border from Brownville, Texas.

While she noted that several outlets had claimed the story was false, Fields said that her sources suggested that it had instead been shut down some time between 2021 and 2022.

When Fields pressed for more details, the agents said they weren’t comfortable discussing any details over the phone.

After refusing to meet, FBI agents once again turned up at Fields’ home on November 7th.

“The only conclusion I can come to is that they would like access to my sources,” Fields argued.

While not at the border, Fields said she uses a team of “boots on the ground undercover journalists” who provide her information and videos of what’s happening “almost on a daily basis.”

“One of them very specifically does not want their identity shared,” Fields said. “It would compromise them and if the wrong people intervene, they would no longer be able to share the information that they share. Sharing their identity and location could also place them in danger of the cartel discovering who they are.”

Fields remained steadfast in her belief that her reporting on the alleged Hamas camp was not incorrect.

“My source has NEVER been wrong,” she continued. “And I don’t think the FBI would be harassing me if it was false to be honest. I have journalistic integrity and I will never give up a source. I will go to jail first.”

“The FBI has done nothing but target people like me for the past three years. They have been weaponized against good Americans and seek to silence those who want to expose the truth,” Fields concluded.

“I would never work with them. And I want everyone to think about this. They’re more interested in knowing WHO my source is and not the info they have to share so that it can be investigated.  That says a lot.”

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