“Gay Dad” TikToker Under Fire After Admitting To Gifting His Surrogate Children Erection Devices

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A gay father is going viral on social media for admittedly purchasing his children genital rings at a drag queen convention. The video, posted by Jose Rolon, captioned “We Have A Gay Dad” has garnered over 2 million views since it was posted on Wednesday and features Rolon’s three children describing what it’s like to have a gay father in a satirical fashion. 

Toward the end of the video, one of the children says, “We have a gay dad, of course he brought us to Ru Paul’s Drag Con.”

Another child responds, “It was fun though, but remember when he bought us bracelets and we found out they weren’t actually bracelets?” 


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In a follow-up video, Rolon describes attending the drag convention with his children. He explains their activities there including dancing with drag queens, getting makeovers, and purchasing what he believed to be bracelets from a stand. 

“As we’re getting ready to leave we walk past that vendor and we see this one guy walking up and says to the guy [running the stand], ‘Excuse me, sir, how much are those cock rings?’” Rolon then describes that he was “mortified” but allowed the children to keep wearing the genital rings, even into the next day when they went to school because he “didn’t have the heart” to take them away. 

Libs of TikTok shared the video on X, and social media users quickly shared their thoughts on the story.

One person wrote: “I’ve said it before: progressives regard their children as political props and social media jewelry. It’s why so many of them carry on like this, on camera, for the internet. And the kids have no idea how they’re being used.”

Another says, “They are exploiting their children for money, this is so awful to watch.”

“Does anyone else get the feeling that this man sees his children as nothing more than props or extras in a movie about himself?” Yet another user adds. 

Since launching, Rolon’s TikTok has amassed over 470,000 followers. On his social media, he shares content about his life, centered primarily around his three children who were conceived via surrogacy with his late-partner Tim. Tim tragically died from a heart attack when their surrogate was just 11 weeks pregnant with his two youngest children, a set of twin girls. 

“I made a decision in that moment to not only follow through with the pregnancy, but I actually announced that we were pregnant while giving my husband’s eulogy at a church in front of 300-400 people,” Rolon told Today in a 2020 interview. 

He went on to say, ““I want LGBTQ youth to know that there’s hope…I get messages from moms all the time that are like, ‘My son is 13 and he’s gay and really struggling. Thank you for showing him what’s possible.’” 

Rolon, an NYC-based wedding planner, has received a lot of attention on social media since 2020, gaining major brand deals and ad campaigns including working with celebrities like Jennifer Garner. He has also been featured on the cover of several magazines such as New York Family and the Latina version of Parents. He’s even taken his children to pride events, showing video footage of himself and his children riding atop a Marriott International pride float.

Rolon has also been invited on exclusive trips such as having the opportunity to board the new Royal Caribbean ship “Icon of the Seas” for three days, attending red carpet movie premiers like “Boss Baby,” and his social media fame even gained him an audience with President Biden.

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