Gay German Politician Who Filmed Himself Licking Public Toilet Seats Now Accused Of Child Sexual Abuse

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CONTENT NOTICE: This article contains graphic descriptions of child sexual abuse and fetishistic behavior involving human feces.

A gay politician in Germany who recently sparked outrage after sharing disturbing videos of himself performing sexual acts online has now been accused of attempting to procure minor boys for sexual abuse by another politician. Martin Neumaier, who was standing in the upcoming election for the Free Democratic Party (FDP) in the district of Ostalb, is claiming he is the victim of “blackmail.”

As previously reported by The Publica, several videos and photos featuring Neumaier performing disturbing fetishistic acts began to circulate this week, causing a wave of outrage towards the politician. The media was verified as authentic, despite some early optimists hoping they had been AI generated.

Despite the highly disgusting nature of the videos, the electoral candidate said he had filmed them “voluntarily and with pleasure,” adding that all viewers of his clips “had the right to send [the] image material, [and] to publish it wherever they see fit.”

Neumaier’s mini-profile on the FDP Facebook page listed him as a strong proponent of “social justice” (soziale Gerechtingkeit).

In one of the videos, Neumaier could be seen naked while reciting the first verse of Nazi-era German national anthem and using an anal dildo to pleasure himself. In another, Neumaier inserted a feces-covered dildo into his rectum before smearing it on a Quran. 

In other videos, Neumaier was heard expressing his desire to “rape to death” one of the 12 wives of the Prophet Mohammed, smearing feces on his face and body, and licking public toilet seats.

Neumaier’s sexual exhibitionism appears to date back many years. As early as 2015, he had submitted photos of himself to an X account dedicated to gay sexual humiliation, with the political candidate holding a sign reading “I am a f*g.” The photos are still available on that account.

But the already-shocking story took a radical turn yesterday, after a lawyer and politician for the right-wing AfD party made a lengthy post on X claiming he had evidence that Neumaier had been procuring young boys for sexual abuse.

Rene Dierkes, a Member of the Bavarian State Parliament, stated that he was planning on having criminal charges pressed against Neumaier after obtaining the screenshots — some of which he posted to social media.

The screenshots posted by Deirkes, which he says were censored and edited to remove private info.

In the post, Dierkes describes the chats he had reviewed in graphic detail.

“The chat begins with selfies of Neumaier (FDP). The sender of the other side, an account with an Arabic name in Arabic script, interacts as a trader,” Dierkes wrote. “Neumaier … first says that ‘he’ has arrived and that ‘the little one’ is ‘nice and tight’ and that he will ‘send him back tomorrow.’ The Arab replies that he doesn’t have the ‘new job’ until 2 p.m. the next day. Neumaier could therefore take his time. Neumaier … replied that he would bring the boy back by 10 a.m. at the latest.”

Dierkes continues, writing that “the next day, Neumaier (FDP) says that the night had been ‘awesome’ and that “the boy would now go home if he ‘could walk.'” Dierkes says Neumaier noted he had given the child an “extra tip” of 100 Euros.

The child sex trafficker then reportedly offered Neumaier two 9-year-olds, saying he could “completely destroy” them. According to Dierkes, Neumaier responded, “Two x 9 is 18, so legal? Boring…”

The next reply from the account purported to belong to Neumaier clarifies: “But I would like a 6 year old like that (no negroes!)”

Yesterday afternoon, Neumaier filed a criminal complaint against unknown persons alleging blackmail and claiming that he was being extorted for money.

Dierkes has since deleted his shocking post, noting that a criminal investigation was underway and that Neumaier had complained that his life was was in danger, but the AfD politician seemingly continues to stand by his belief that the chats were genuine. Today, Dierkes said that he had confirmed Neumaier had been at an address discussed in the chats during the day and time exchanged, and that a witness “would confirm this under oath.”

The Free Democratic Party (FDP), for which Neumaier was standing as a candidate, has condemned him and removed him from their slate. However, Neumaier will continue to stand in the upcoming election because he is unable to withdraw his candidacy at this time.

He has stated that, in the event he is elected, he will stand down immediately.

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