Gay Spanish Politician With Left-Wing Governing Party Resigns After Photos Circulate Showing Him Eating His Own Feces

Jack Hadfield

A gay Spanish municipal councillor has resigned from his position after photos were publicized of him eating his own excrement as part of a scat fetish.

Daniel Gómez del Barrio served on the council for Illescas, a small town of around 30,000 people just south of the country’s capital. He represented PSOE, the main left-wing party in Spain, whose leader is currently the Prime Minister.

In mid February, photos and videos of Gómez were shared that he had posted on social media accounts and pornographic websites. In one video, the councillor, who is in his late twenties, is seemingly naked on the floor and eating his own feces.

A report from French news source FDS claimed that the politician was offering himself up for sexual use, and described himself as wanting to be “exposed, humiliated, degraded.” He also described his desire to “eat c*cks, be a whore, and be used as a urinal,” with El Diairo also claiming he referred to himself as a “sexual slave.”

According to ABC Spain, Gómez reported the leaking of the photographs and videos to the police, who began investigating the matter. He attended the February council meeting “with total normality,” where the leaks were only a “residual issue,” a source told ABC Spain. However, on March 22, more photographs of the councillor began to spread around the town during the traditional Palm Sunday celebrations, and “nothing else was talked about” by the residents of the small community.

Another source suggested that further images of Gómez were available on the internet, where he was naked and his official council ID was allegedly visible.

On March 27, Gómez was forced to resign, and was dismissed from his position as the town council’s head of youth, children and families by mayor José Manuel Tofiño.

Since his resignation, the young councillor has left his family home in the town where he resided with his parents. His father, a former police officer, retired the same week in February that the photos and videos were initially leaked.

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