German Parliament Accepts Constitutional Amendment On “Children’s Rights” From Pedophile Group

Natasha Biase

A “children’s rights” petition drafted by a notorious pro-pedophile activist organization has been quietly accepted by Germany’s Parliament after years of review. The resolution, drafted by Krumme-13 founder Dieter Gieseking, was first presented to the Bundestag in 2019 and seeks to expand children’s legal autonomy.

According to the independent outlet Reduxx, the pro-pedophile group, colloquially known as K13, announced on its website that the petition received enough votes to amend the German constitution. 

Although petitions of this nature typically require support from at least 50,000 citizens [ PDF], the Petitions Committee decided on February 14, 2021, to vote on K13’s amendment. Notably, the petition, which required a minimum of two-thirds of the vote from representatives, garnered support from the Socialist Democrats, Free Democratic Party, and Green Party.

The proposals contained within the accepted petition asserted that children should “have the right to have a say in all matters that affect their emotional, mental and physical well-being” and “the right to the free development of their personality.” 

After several years of review, K13’s petition was grouped together with a number of other proposals submitted by legitimate children’s rights groups and received on October 11. As a result, K13’s demands for “children’s rights” were added to the Bundestag website under under the numeric code 20/8782, petition 4-19-07-10000-043821.

In addition to advocating for legalizing child pornography and lowering the age of consent, K13 has also petitioned for the decriminalization of pedophilic relationships between adults and minors, demanding a “distinction to be made between ‘sexual consent’ and ‘sexual violence’ when it comes to sexual acts between adults and children.”

K13’s founder, Dieter Gieseking, has submitted a number of other draft proposals to Parliament, including one “calling for the abolition of Sections 176 [Sexual Abuse of Children] and 188 [Dissemination, Acquisition and Possession of Child Pornographic Content] of the legal code.” The proposal explains that “legalizing clearly self-determined sexuality between older people and those under 14 is the best protection against actual sexual violence against children.”

While this petition is the first of several attempts by Gieseking approved by the government, the initial proposal was revised after trying to have pedophilia recognized as a sexual identity.

In 2022, a blog post published by K13 explained that “in addition to all of the proposed children’s rights, sexual self-determination must also be protected and included in the Basic Law.” K13 has also stated that pedophilia itself must be made a protected sexual identity and protected from discrimination.

On top of Gieseking’s criminal history of possessing child pornography, the 68-year-old former Federal Border Guard official reportedly founded K13 in 1993 to act as a “self-help organization for pedosexuals.” 

Disturbingly, just last month K13 also praised Germany’s gender self-identification laws, adding that “trans kids are politically important for advancing pedophile rights.”

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