Hamas Invasion of Israel Sparks Global Demonstrations, “Gas The Jews” Chanted in Sydney

Jack Hadfield

The surprise Hamas offensive in Israel has resulted in a global wave of demonstrations in support of the terrorist militants, with pro-Palestinian protestors gathering in cities across the Western world to celebrate the attacks.

On Saturday morning, Hamas fighters from Gaza launched a shocking invasion of Israel, with assaults by land forces as well as aerial bombings being reported. As a result of the offensive, at least 1,000 Israeli civilians have been reported dead, with another 2,500 wounded. An Israeli music festival near the border was the scene of a particularly brutal assault, where 250 individuals gathering for peace were massacred. The multi-front attack came almost 50 years to the day of the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

Hamas, the militaristic governing body of the Gaza Strip, also reportedly has more than 100 hostages in the region at the time of writing, according to Israeli sources.

But while the conflict rages on, many Western nations have seen the gathering of pro-Palestinian demonstrators cheering on the slaughter of Israeli citizens.

In Sydney, Australia, thousands gathered outside the famous Opera House last night, waving Palestinian flags and chanting “gas the Jews” and “fuck the Jews.” 

In Toronto, Canada, a similar demonstration was held, with protestors chanting: “Justin Trudeau you will see, Palestine will be free.”

While the Canadian Prime Minister condemned Hamas as “terrorists” and said that “no one in Canada should be supporting them,” no dispersal orders were given, unlike during the 2022 trucker protests against COVID-19 lockdown measures.

Further demonstrations in support of Hamas were seen in Manchester and London in the United Kingdom.

“This is the first time that something like this happens [sic] in modern day history. For 16 years, Gaza has been under blockade, and for the first time they are actively resisting,” said Dana Abuqamar, President of Manchester Friends of Palestine.

“They are not on the defence, and this is truly a once in a lifetime experience, and everyone is, we are both in fear but also we are full of pride. We are really, really full of joy of what has happened. But on the Palestinian side, we are proud that this Palestinian resistance has come to this point.”

In New York City, pro-Israeli and pro-Palestine protestors clashed, with NYPD having to set up a barrier to separate the two.

The demonstration for Hamas was organized by the New York chapter of the Democratic Socialists (NYC-DSA). The group stated that the rally was held to show “solidarity” with the Palestinian people and their “right to resist 75 years of occupation and apartheid.”

But during the demonstration, a shocking photo emerged of a man holding up a Nazi swastika using his mobile phone.

While many are voicing strong opinions on the conflict, some have taken to social media to remind others of the human cost of warfare, including that of civilians entirely unrelated to any military action.

Yasmine Mohammed, founder of ex-Muslim support organization Free Hearts Free Minds, made a viral impassioned plea reminding her followers that many Palestinians do not support Hamas.

“Too many people on this stupid app can’t tell the difference between innocent Palestinian people and terrorists like Hamas. Stop conflating the two,” Mohammed, who survived a forced marriage to an Al Qaeda operative, said. “I have family in Gaza. They hate Hamas.”

In response to Saturday’s offensive attack, the Israeli military launched airstrikes into Gaza, killing at least 765 Palestinian people, including 140 children. Another 4,000 are said to be wounded.

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