HIV+ Transgender Male Boasts Of Breastfeeding Infant Sparks Outrage On Social Media

Natasha Biase

An HIV+ trans-identified male in Canada who claims he breastfeeds his child has sparked outrage after sharing photos of himself at a lactation clinic with the baby. Margaret (Margie) Fancypants, formerly known as Murray Pearson, began identifying as a woman in December of 2022 and has been dosing himself with progesterone rectally.

According to the pro-woman news outlet Reduxx, images were posted three months ago on the subreddit r/TransLater for men who transitioned at an older age. In the post titled “Milk, baby, milk!” 52-year-old Pearson shared a series of photos expressing his excitement about being able to breastfeed his infant.

“It turns out that one indisputable benefit of being transfemme [is] that you can be pregnant and get drunk with no undue problems. Malt is spectacular for lactation, so for transfemme moms, a beer is actually beneficial,” begins the post.

“I have a baby almost 9 months old. This baby is staggeringly meaningful, because their presence in my life is astoundingly unlikely, yet there they are and they are perfect, and I cannot wait to connect through feeding,” continues Pearson, adding that he will stop drinking before he “breastfeeds” so as not to harm the baby.

Continuing, Pearson explains that being able to breastfeed his child is something he has wished for for decades and that his breasts are getting bigger: “I have gone from having lean pectoral muscle in March to full B-cups now and growing fast.”

“Margie” Pearson. Photo: REDDIT

“I am humbled by my staggering privilege in my accessibility to medical expertise. I have five physicians in three clinics in two world class hospitals helping me. That includes the Goldfarb Clinic: fans of induced lactation will recognize the name.”

“December 7 is Milk Day. I declare its infamy redeemed,” concludes the post. “We should remember milk, not blood. Shots in order: Me tonight, December 3, going to a dear friend’s birthday party. Me with my prized Mother’s Milk tea! At the Montreal Autumn Slow Dance With my baby at the Goldfarb clinic!”

In addition to sharing about his journey with HIV on Reddit and admitting he is aware that he could possibly transmit the virus through “breast milk,” Pearson also made a post on the r/TransLater subreddit explaining how to insert progesterone rectally rather than orally.

“My breasts get a wonderful plumpness and pleasing jiggliness when I have had progesterone the night before…. You’ll need some lubricant (personal lube such as K-Y jelly or similar, or silicone personal lube which may be overkill, or some sort of non-irritating oil; I use my own mixture of cocoa butter and shea butter) to allow free clearance for the capsule… Some people simply pop the capsule in their mouth to use saliva, but I like a more effective lube,” wrote Pearson.

Despite many expressing concern for the child’s health and safety, Pearson also explained that he will potentially be involved in a study about breastfeeding while being HIV positive. The research is reportedly being documented by Dr. Marina Klein, an infectious disease researcher with McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.

Pearson came out as transgender in December 2022 after performing in a drag show for his friend’s birthday. In a post shared earlier this month, he recalled an instance of trying on women’s clothing at a thrift store as being “the first moment he believed he was a woman.”

“I realized that the beautiful curvy woman in the mirror was the real me and I could be her every day… after more than two decades of stealth resistance. 87 days later I started spiro, 14 days after that estradiol, and now I am looooooving my boobs. Having curves without fakery is AMAZING,” described Pearson.

Disturbingly, Pearson was a men’s rights activist before coming out as transgender, involved with A Voice for Men (AVFM), a non-profit founded in 2009 by Paul Elam, who has been know to doxx women for opposing the organization’s views and activities and once said there wouldn’t be “any place on the internet for lying bitches.”

In addition to linking to AVFM’s website on his personal YouTube channel, Pearson has also uploaded disturbing videos of himself promoting AVFM’s anti-feminist views.

“Following years of abuse by the family court system, I am coming out of my box and speaking out,” reads the description on Pearson’s channel. “I intend to discuss human rights, and the cavalier way in which Western justice tosses it aside, and whenever possible to offer practical solutions to problems that have proven intractable to date.”

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