Illegal Migrant Deported On Luxury PRIVATE JET After Brutally Raping 9-Year-Old Girl In Germany

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A shocking new report has revealed that Germany chartered a luxury private jet to deport a migrant child rapist back to his home country after he was convicted of brutally raping a little girl.

The horrific crime occurred in June of 2019 in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. A 9-year-old girl left her home to play in the nearby Elbe meadows, carrying her teddy bear with her as she walked. It was then that she was spotted by a 27-year-old man from Niger, who had been at a bank machine across from the girl’s route.

The man, identified only as Seydou N. by German media, followed her on bicycle. He eventually grabbed her and carried out his assault, during which he threatened and strangled the girl as she unsuccessfully attempted to kick him off and free herself. Passers-by eventually saw what was happening and detained Seydou, holding him down and calling police.

Seydou’s DNA was retrieved from the girl, and a butterfly knife he had used to threaten the girl was found on his person. He eventually admitted to the rape and attempted to offer the girl an apology in court. At the time the crime occurred, Seydou was illegally in Germany, his application for asylum having been expired.

Despite the brutality of the crime and its impact on the child, who began suffering from crippling trauma attacks following the rape, Seydou was only sentenced to 5 and a half years in prison. The sentence was only six months less than what had been requested by the prosecutor.

Though Seydou was supposed to be imprisoned, the Ministry of Justice immediately began trying to make arrangements to repatriate him to Niger. At the end of 2022, the African nation finally agreed to issue Seydou’s travel documents, but imposed strict restrictions on his return: the documents were only valid for one day and the trip needed to be one direct flight. But there are no direct flights from Germany to the African state, resulting in the Ministry having to charter a private jet for Seydou.

Seydou was sent back to Niger in February of 2023, less than 4 years into what was supposed to be a 5 and a half year sentence.

But the shocking decision to send Seydou back to Niger on a private jet was only recently revealed after Germany’s Left Party submitted an information request to Parliament. It was also learned that the cost of the deportation was a staggering €120,000 (approx. $130,000 USD).

Responding to the revelations, Nadine Koppehel, a member of the Saxony-Anhalt state parliament, released a statement.

“The deportation of Seydou N. to his country of origin is the only logical consequence for his brutal crime against an innocent little girl,” Koppehel, who represents the right-wing Alternative für Deutschland, said.

“According to the public prosecutor’s office, the sexual abuse of the tolerated asylum seeker led to ‘very, very massive psychological consequences’ for his then 9-year-old victim. Secure borders and consistent remigration would have prevented this heinous act and its pronounced consequences for the girl, which will probably last for her entire life,” she continued, stressing that while she did not oppose the deportation, she did condemn the flagrant waste of taxpayer funds.

“What is completely unacceptable and difficult to explain to our citizens is the fact that the rapist, who was sentenced to five and a half years, was released one and a half years before the end of his sentence and then enjoyed a €120,450 trip home on a luxury plane at state expense. This money, in addition to the guarantee that her tormentor will never be allowed to enter our country again, should have been given to victim instead.”

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