Indian National Arrested Following Live-Streamed Sexual Assault In Hong Kong, Netizens Rejoice

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A 46-year-old Indian national has been arrested in correction with the sexual assault of a Korean Twitch streamer in Hong Kong.

On September 11, disturbing footage began to circulate on social media showing Korean Twitch streamer, known to her fans as May5W, being groped and pinned against a wall by a man in a metro station. The brazen assault occurred while the young woman was live-streaming a broadcast.

The incident began when May5W, a travel streamer with more than 13,000 followers, was waiting for a tram to get back to her hotel and is streaming her journey. While waiting at the stop around midnight, a man begins asking her for assistance with tram routes, and May5W attempts to help him. The two are seen for a few minutes reviewing the tram route information, quickly realizing that no trams were available at the late hour.

The man asks her for directions to his home in the Kennedy Town neighborhood. Realizing they’re heading the same way, May5W offers the man to follow her to the Central MTR station. As they are walking, the man suddenly gets closer to the streamer, grabbing her arm and saying “Thank You.”

It’s around this time that the viral portion of the clip begins, with May5W looking increasingly uncomfortable as the man continuously gropes and grabs her arm and shoulder. She asks him to stop, but he continues.

As they move into the metro station, the man pins May5W into the wall, and begins grinding his body against hers. The woman is exclaiming in disgust as the man asks her “are you alone” repeatedly.

Prying herself free, May5W shouts for help and the man is seeing fleeing up the stairs behind her. A male bystander sees her and asks if she’s okay, to which she replies “Yes, I’m okay, thank you so much.”

The one minute-long clip showing the final moments of the assault quickly went viral on Reddit and X (formerly Twitter), with many expressing outrage at the man’s conduct. Some uploaders who had posted the video to X found the footage taken down, with X claiming it “violated” the terms of service, but dozens more accounts continued to circulate the disturbing footage.

Within hours, the assailant was identified on social media as Amit Jariyal, an Indian national from Himachal Pradesh living in Hong Kong.

According to Jariyal’s Facebook, he worked at the Rajasthan Rifles Indian Restaurant at The Peak, but, after receiving an avalanche of complaints from users who saw the video, the restaurant has since clarified that he is no longer employed there.

Today, Hong Kong Police announced Jariyal had been arrested on suspicion of indecency and violating public morality.

According to HK01, the Central District Police District Crimes Unit was alerted to Jariyal’s identity by concerned members of the public. Jariyal was arrested after a short investigation into the matter.

Netizens are celebrating the arrest, calling for Jariyal to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Many are praising Hong Kong authorities for their swift reaction, and for vindicating the victim with the charges after some doubted the authenticity of the stream.

May5W has issued a notice stating that the Korean Embassy has been in touch with her, and that she will address the matter a YouTube video when she is able to.

The brazen crime came as a shock to many, as Hong Kong is considered to be one of the safest regions in the world. According to Travelers Worldwide, the vast majority of crime that occurs in Hong Kong is non-violent property crime.

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