Instagram Account ‘RuPublicans’ Is Turning Right-Wing Leaders Into Drag Queens

Haley Kennington

An Instagram account called RuPublicans has gone viral after using AI software to create artwork depicting Republican leaders as drag queens.

The account is said to be in response to recent legislation enacted by Republican leaders and lawmakers. The account has gained widespread popularity after using software Midjourney to create a series of increasingly absurd images of individuals like Ben Shapiro (Sister Slaypiro) and Clarence Thomas (Claretta Corrupta).

Each post shows three to four AI-generated images and is captioned with new feminized names for each GOP member to match their new “look”.

Queen Slaypiro (Ben Shapiro)

The Instagram account, which has merged the words “RuPaul” and “Republicans”, has already amassed quite an impressive patronage with over 225,000 followers as of the writing of this piece.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the RuPublicans Instagram account was created by a New England couple. Craig, 37, and Stephen, 39, are using the social media platform to “clap back” at recent bills targeting the drag community.

“‘Drag artists have brought us joy, laughter, helped heal old wounds, and given us the permission to love ourselves,” said Craig — who, along with his husband Stephen, runs the account. Both men asked that their last names not be published, citing concerns for their safety and security.

‘The GOP’s anti-drag rhetoric and actions made us want to do something.’”

Clarence Thomas in drag

“‘What we are doing right now would not have been possible a few months ago,’ Stephen said. ‘We hope this inspires others to look at how they can use these tools to do good and create their own platforms and movements.’”

The very first post on the account dated March 30, 2023, shows one feminized version of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wearing a feather dress and matching hat combo and was dubbed “Anti Filibust-Her McConnell.”

This is followed by McConnell in a pink dress, hat, jacket, and matching gloves.

McConnell is joined by drag queen versions of Vice-President Mike Pence (Mother Pence), Senator Ted Cruz (Cruzella Deville), Congressman Matt Gaetz (Ms. GoldenGaetz Showers), Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (Speaker Sparklebottom – From the House of Trump), Governor Ron Desantis (Rhonda Santy), Senator Lindsey Graham (Lady Graham Cracker), Senator Josh Howley (Miss Hawl-About-Me), Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas (Claretta Corrupta-Empress of Embarrassment), Governor Rudy Guilliani (Rudy Garland, dubbed as the downfall of the GOP).

Steve Bannon even makes an appearance on the RuPublicans page, with the caption, “Miss Misinformation – Serving washed-up media mogul realness, Bombshell Bannon fires off conspiracy theories faster than Florida can criminalize where you poopoo kaka. Since Trump dropped her ass, she’s been roaming the streets of Washington looking for her next trick. DeSanty, text a gurl back! #rupublicans.”

Though drag is certainly not a crime, it is at the very least clownish. Blaire White, who is transgender, commented on the recent Canadian bill proposal that would penalize “offensive” speech.

In a video posted yesterday, White points out that no one in the LGBTQ community sees those who dress in drag as anyone to be respected.

“Why are drag queens seen as serious individuals that need to be up promoting legislation? Drag queens are literal clowns. They’re clowns baby, and that’s not being offensive, that’s what they are. Clowns are for entertainment.”

White continues, “Not exactly the face of seriousness when you’re trying to pass a bill. I could see if there were maybe some trans people in the back, but drag Jessica Simpson in the back and the green vomit hair? What is that? And are these the individuals to be advocating for your proposed legislation? I don’t know.”

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