UK: Leicestershire Police Fires Transgender Cop For Operating Secret Social Media Account Dedicated To Harassing Those Critical Of Gender Ideology

Jack Hadfield

Leicestershire Police has fired a trans-identified police officer after it was discovered that he was using anonymous social media accounts to harass individuals critical of gender ideology. In particular, former PC Lynsay Watson targeted members of the Fair Cop campaign, a group dedicated to calling attention to abuses of police authority for thought crimes.

Watson, a male who identifies as a “woman,” was found guilty on Thursday of gross misconduct. At a hearing on the incident, officials heard that Watson had called Harry Miller, the founder of Fair Cop, a Nazi, fascist, bigot, and other slurs. Fair Cop was founded by lawyers, former police officers, and members of the public who banded together over shared concerns about police attempts to criminalize people for expressing opinions that don’t contravene any laws.

While acting as a police officer, Watson had set up multiple accounts under fake identities on X (formerly Twitter), including one that directly “parodied” Fair Cop itself. On some of these accounts, Watson claimed that Miller also had a desire to beat up and assault women.

In an attempt to mitigate the charges, Detective Sergeant Andy Spence, who was representing Watson at the hearing, revealed that he had been told by a superior officer to use anonymous accounts, after he had already been warned about his online behavior.

Spence further argued that Watson was simply investigating Fair Cop in order to protect the LGBT community.

“This behavior comes from someone who was trying to stand up for her community, to ensure they were protected and to ensure they are not subjected to the same behavior she has faced in the past,” Spence said, using feminine pronouns to refer to Watson.

“She believes that there are members of the LGBT community who are being targeted, who are being harassed and she has tried to support them and help them. She has suffered as a result of this mentally and physically.”

Watson had also repeatedly reported Fair Cop, Miller, and other members such as Sarah Phillimore to authorities. Phillimore, a family lawyer, was reported to the Bar Standards Board, where Watson claimed that her statements about transgenderism being an “ideology” made him feel “physically sick.”

“PC Watson is the product of a culture within policing that demonises those of us who do not subscribe to the politics of gender,” said Fair Cop in a statement following Watson’s firing.

“Watson was radicalised by the flags and riot shields displayed by the Chief Constable of Leicestershire, whom we hold ultimately responsible for this officer’s 18 month reign of harassment. We are pleased Watson has been fired. Nevertheless, we remain very concerned by the ongoing radicalization of officers within all ranks and across most forces.”

Fair Cop confirmed that they were looking to take legal action against the Sergeant who recommended that Watson use anonymous X accounts.

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