Lesbian Couple Kicked Out Of Bar After Complaining About Male In Women’s Restroom Now Facing Cyberstalking, Threats From Professional Doxxers

Sarah Fields

A lesbian couple in California is expressing concern for their safety after a viral TikTok video showed them being removed from a family-friendly brewery for questioning the presence of a male in the women’s restroom. Alexis, whose last name is being withheld, said she and her partner are now being pursued by internet stalkers attempting to bring harm to her family.

Alexis says their ordeal began on Father’s Day after she and her family went to a brewery following a Dodger’s game in Los Angeles. After researching local options, they opted for Angel City Brewery, a popular spot in the arts district that offers craft beers and food.

“Everything was fine as we ordered food,” Alexis says, noting she had her 4-year-old nephew with her. But when she and her partner went to the restroom, they were shocked to find a trans-identified male in the women’s facilities.

“We went to the restroom … and the trans was in there just looking at us. Mind you, there was another family up the stairs with 3 little children so we weren’t the only ones there [with kids],” Alexis described the transgender individual as an obvious male who was wearing a skirt.

“I politely told him ‘I think you should use the men’s restroom. Also considering there are children here. I am sorry but I just don’t feel comfortable with a man in here.’ He said he ‘wasn’t a man, he’s a trans woman, so too bad.'” Alexis continued that she was not aggressive or hostile to the man, but simply expressed her discomfort with him using the female washroom.

“I told him it’s not that I have anything against gays, trans… nothing. You are loved but I just don’t feel comfortable. Especially since children are here. Have a good one,” Alexis recounts.

The two women went back upstairs and re-joined their table, but a few moments later, a manager named Aimee walked by the family and stared at them for several minutes. 

“I thought that was weird but I knew she worked there because of the badge,” Alexis says. “But then she comes back with that guy and says we need to leave! We were still in the middle of our meal and drinks. I got pissed and that’s when I started recording. Because women’s rights don’t matter! Only trans rights.”

Alexis says she and her family tried speaking with the manager and explaining the situation, but that employees of the Brewery simply kept repeating “no, get out.”

Alexis posted the shocking footage to TikTok, which was quickly re-circulated to other social media platforms and racked up millions of views.

In the video, Alexis can be heard asking the manager why her family was being kicked out. She told the manager she wanted it on video so she could post it on TikTok. A male manager snidely remarks: “You won’t make it on TikTok but it’s cool.”

The manager then stated that it is their policy not to question a transgender person’s identity.


They said kids dont matter ! Thats what made me so mad! #kidslivesmatter #losangeles #fyp

♬ original sound – Smile you’re beautiful

Since posting the video, Alexis says she has now been targeted by notorious cyber-stalker Danesh Noshirvan, an activist who “identifies” people he deems “problematic,” exposing their personal information on his social media accounts.

Noshirvan has a massive following on TikTok and is known by his username, ThatDaneshGuy. According to The Post Millennial, Noshirvan was recently sued after he used his platforms to harass and dox multiple families, including a pregnant Manhattan hospital staffer whose story went viral after she was prevented from using a Citi Bike to ride home by a group of five black men. 

Noshirvan has been described as providing a “fee-for-service online and telephonic cyberstalking service,” offering to identify anyone at the behest of those who will pay him to do so. He has been permanently suspended from X, formerly known as Twitter.

Alexis says Noshirvan posted her and her partner’s full legal names, putting them at risk. She says her partner’s business has also become a target.

Noshirvan has personally contacted Alexis, sending her demeaning and degrading messages.

“How do you live with yourself? Honestly, You’re setting an awful example for your kids. Hope they find a loving home [because] your home ain’t it,” Noshirvan wrote in one. He continued on to accuse Alexis of having a mental illness and stated: “Let’s lock you up and never deal with you again.”

Alexis says she’s also been inundated with other abusive messages, with people wishing for her death or suggesting that child protective services will be called for the kids in her family.

Alexis has told The Publica that she will be filing a police report against Noshirvan and plans to pursue a restraining order against both him and the Brewery, who she suspects has hired Noshirvan to target her and her family.

“Women’s rights are slowly fading away thanks to men,” Alexis says. “Women’s rights matter! Women are being forced to accept trans identity by people who don’t even accept their own.”

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