Minnesota Student Charged Over Cache of Weapons And “Battle Plans” For A School

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Waylon Kurts, 20, was arrested on April 4th, 2023 after a custodian at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota notified authorities. The custodian found two empty packages belonging to Kurts—packages for high-capacity magazines. They were both in a garbage can, just outside of Kurts’ room.

Police obtained a search warrant and then discovered ammunition, magazines, knives, a map of a private Minnesota school with “battle plans.”

They also found six propane canisters, fireworks, lighter fluid, a battery with wires, a lock pick set, and a tactical vest all in Kurts’ possession. Kurts was then charged with terroristic threats, conspiracy to commit second-degree assault, conspiracy to commit threats of violence, and planning a theft.

After deeper investigation, police discovered notes in Kurts’ car and damning text messages on his phone.

Kurts had texted photos of a box filled with rifle magazines with the words, “Kids’ve got no idea whats in here, haha.”

Police also found a note in his vehicle that said, “combat is much faster and closer than you think,” and another one that stated, “the average door takes 2.5 kicks.”

The reason Kurts was charged with “planning a theft” came from the notebooks found in his room and vehicle. One contained a highly detailed plan to steal bullets from a Walmart, including where to go once inside, and with whom to speak. The plan even included police radio frequencies, all according to the Star Tribune.

In one notebook, Kurts wrote: “Things to be Good at… Shoot a person in 3 areas: Upper thoracic, T-zone on face, Pelvis is a good target.”

Paul Rogosheske, Kurts’s attorney, claims the man would never hurt anyone, Kurts is just an “avid hunter.”

The young man’s family also stated the same thing. Kurts would often return home after going on long hunting trips. He never shot anyone–only animals–or so they claimed.

Kurts appeared before a judge on April 10th. His bail has been set for $100,000. He is due back in court April 21st.

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