Murdered Philadelphia Journalist Had Reportedly Sexually Exploited Gunman From Age 15

Natasha Biase

Disturbing new information has come to light in the case of murdered left-wing journalist Josh Kruger, who was shot in his home last week by 19-year-old Robert Davis. Davis’ family is alleging that Kruger had been sexually exploiting him since he was 15-years-old.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, in addition to Kruger initiating a sexual “relationship” with Davis as a minor, Davis’ mother is also alleging that Kruger had sexually explicit videos of the teen that he had threatened to share online.

“He was scared,” Davis’ mother said. “He said ‘… He wanted me to do some stuff I didn’t want to do and if I didn’t do it, he said he was going to blackmail me.’”

Police have found sexually explicit photos on Kruger’s phone that have been sent to a Special Victims Unit for digital analysis. While source speaking to the Inquirer did not specify whether the media featured Davis or any other minors, they did state that the images were “disturbing.”

In an effort to better understand the motive behind Kruger’s murder, Frank Vanore, Philadelphia’s Deputy Police Commissioner, admitted the disturbing photos on Kruger’s phone are crucial to the investigation, and pleaded with Davis to come forward. The 19-year-old gunman is still at large.

“I think he could answer a lot of questions if he comes into custody and surrenders. It might help us put all this together,” explained Vanore.

On October 2, 39-year-old Kruger was shot seven times after his home was broken into. Surveillance video footage and testimonies from Kruger’s friends led police to Davis, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Notably, police described Kruger as an acquaintance of Davis who was “trying to help [him] get through life.”

Kruger, who worked for Philadelphia’s Office of Homeless Services for several years from 2015-2020, reportedly met the minor Davis around that same time. After Davis began coming home with designer gifts while under the influence of drugs, his family grew suspicious, noting he was likely addicted to meth.

According to reports, Kruger was known for advocating “for some of the city’s most vulnerable residents.”

A former homeless man and drug addict, Kruger sobered up in 2013 and began writing for “blogs and alt-weekly publications about his experiences” as a gay man living with HIV.

His work in the community prompted many left-wing activists, politicians, and city officials to mourn his death, with some making touching statements about his character on social media.

The day Kruger’s death was announced, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner said he had “lifted up the most vulnerable and sitgmatized people in our communities.”

Senator John Fetterman called Kruger’s death “a devastating loss,” and said he “fiercely advocated for the most vulnerable communities through his journalism.”

In the months leading up to his death, Kruger had shared that several safety incidents had occurred at his house, including last spring when an ex-boyfriend broke into his home using a copy of his keys.

“The door was locked, so he had somehow obtained a copy of my keys,” wrote Kruger, who had allowed the man to stay at his house after being released from jail. 

Several months later, someone threw a rock through his window, and, just weeks before his death, a strange person showed up at his door claiming to be looking for their boyfriend.

Although the investigation into the murder is ongoing as Davis remains at-large, police have confirmed that they found meth in Kruger’s bedroom, leading them to believe Kruger was “concealing” parts of his life.

“We’re looking at everything as part of the case,” said Vanore.

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