OnlyFans Creators Find It Hard To Keep Romantic Relationships

Haley Kennington

OnlyFans creators who consistently post adult content are having a difficult time making and keeping romantic connections.

A recent survey by XF Hub shows that almost 50 percent of all OnlyFans talent find dating very challenging.

The platform, created in 2016, allows users to pay for different forms of content, including images, livestreams and pre-recorded videos. But many of their money-makers are those who post adult content.

Over 500 OnlyFans creators participated in the survey and were asked a series of questions about their romantic lives.

These included questions about judgment from potential partners, if trust was an issue in their relationships, and whether or not they’ve experienced jealousy due to the adult content they create.

When asked about the difficulty of dating, 47 percent of creators said they find it very challenging and 32 percent find it somewhat challenging.

42 percent have had a relationship end after telling their significant other about their Onlyfans account. An additional 31 percent of creators report their partners experience jealousy due to their financial earnings.

Another survey question asked if OnlyFans creators had ever experienced discrimination or judgment from potential partners after finding out they made adult content on the platform. 42 percent answered “sometimes,” 37 percent said, “yes, frequently,” and 21 percent said, “no, never.”

According to CEO Tim Stokely, more than 170 million people use the platform OnlyFans to watch their favorite content creators. He adds that 98 percent of the platform’s content is “adult.”

The site hosts around 1.5 million content creators as of the writing of this piece. To put that in perspective, it took Facebook five years to reach 100 million users. It only took OnlyFans four years to hit the milestone.

Although many young adults, particularly women, expect to earn millions by sharing adult content on OnlyFans, recent data scraped from the website indicates that the average creator only earns $151 per month.

Unless you are one of the more well-established adult content creators, or a celebrity, your chances of making millions are close to nil.

Top earners on OnlyFans average around $100,000 per month, with a small percentage earning over $2 million each month.

Adult content creator Bella Thorne allegedly made $1 million in the first 24 hours of launching her account. This is considered the most money made in that time frame on the platform.

The website also saw a huge boost in content creators during the COVID-19 pandemic. People lost their jobs or could work from home, meaning new accounts were made and those with existing accounts had more time to devote to both making adult content and consuming it.

On OnlyFans, the average cost to access content is $7.20, significantly lower than other subscription-based platforms that offer curated content.

The average content creator is 29-years-old, whereas the average subscriber is slightly older at between 35 and 44.

The site sees 53.4 percent identifying as male, 45.6 percent as female, 0.7 percent identified as nonbinary or gender nonconforming and 0.2 percent as transgender, according to another poll of 452 adult content consumers of OnlyFans conducted in January 2023 by SpringerLink.

With that said, the regret for OnlyFans users is vast.

Many adult content creators have ruined relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners in their quest to be in the platform’s small small percentage of millionaires.

According to the XF Hub survey, 42 percent of OnlyFans creators reported their partner was not only uncomfortable with their side hustle, but also ended the relationship. 31 percent of adult content creators said their partner was hesitant after being told, but eventually accepted it.

That said, it isn’t always all bad. 21 percent said their partners were “supportive and understanding.”

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