OnlyFans Models Using “Breastfeeding” Loophole On Instagram To Advertise Their Pornography

Natasha Biase

OnlyFans models appear to be exploiting a loophole in Instagram’s Terms of Service in order to get around censorship or suspension for showing their naked breasts. While using baby dolls and captioning their videos as “breastfeeding,” the women have been able to advertise their pornography while posing as new mothers.

According to Instagram’s Help Centre, breastfeeding is natural, and mothers should be able to share photos and videos of their experiences without censorship.

“Photos in the context of breastfeeding, birth giving and after-birth moments, health-related situations (for example, post-mastectomy, breast cancer awareness or gender confirmation surgery) or an act of protest are allowed,” explains the Instagram Community Guidelines. “Nudity in photos of paintings and sculptures is OK, too.”

But despite Meta, Instagram’s parent company, banning sexually explicit content across all platforms, OnlyFans models have reportedly been able to post content without violating the app’s community guidelines because of the breastfeeding loophole. 

Recently, users have noted an influx of sexually explicit content showing up in their feeds, many of which feature OnlyFans models promoting themselves by pretending to breastfeed dolls and offering breastfeeding tutorials.

Days ago, a Reddit user expressed frustration over this disturbing new trend, explaining that they have had to block over 20 accounts featuring OnlyFans creators promoting their pages in this manner.

“I’m sick [and] tired of blocking and reporting those OnlyFans promoting pages. Most of them do not even include a real baby or actual breastfeeding so there’s no educational footage,” wrote u/Humble-Carpenter730 on the r/Instagram subreddit. “I have blocked maybe 20 accounts today. I’m genuinely getting uncomfortable in this app stop this bullsh*t.”

Dozens of people in the comments shared similar experiences on Instagram of seeing breastfeeding videos on their ‘explore’ page, most of which are being shared under the guise of “breastfeeding tutorials” but featured dolls instead of real babies and were obvious advertisements for pornography.

Two OnlyFans models using baby dolls to bare their breasts on the platform.

“It always has a weird caption like ’18-year-old breastfeeding’ or ‘breastfeeding tutorials’ or something creepy. Most videos have no audio and it’s just a fake baby covering a nipple for a split second and then the rest is the OF chick tits,” commented u/666Eliza, who expressed her disgust that these content creators are fetishizing breastfeeding.

The Publica found a number of accounts utilizing this strategy on the platform, with the women following a pattern of showing their uncensored breasts while holding a baby doll to their chest. In some of the cases, the women would even attempt to “latch” the doll to their chest, while making sultry faces at the camera and directing users to a page containing links to their explicit profiles.

As though to ensure further protection against suspension or censorship, some of the accounts also include elaborate breastfeeding information in the captions of their videos, or use text overlays with the word “breastfeeding.”

The strategy appears to be successful, with the videos attracting hundreds of thousands or even millions of views each and becoming the top results for breastfeeding content on the platform.

Shockingly, even some OnyFans creators are dismayed that women have discovered this loophole, one of whom accused it of being a way to share child sexual abuse material (CSAM). In a post on the r/OnlyFansAdvice subreddit, a verified OnlyFans content creator wrote:

“I am beside myself with certain creators using the guise of ‘Educational Breastfeeding Content’ to play with their boobs on Instagram while holding a very realistic-looking baby on camera. Am I the only one bothered by this? Is this common? Is this where our industry is headed?”

Continuing, she expressed her disgust that people are praising these creators for promoting what she believes to be CSAM: “Everyone is praising them for ‘finding a loophole’ but it feels like a loophole for CSAM and I’m just wondering did I miss a shift in our industry? Are people really doing this??? I know lactation content is a thing, but HOW is Instagram and Facebook allowing this?”

The user added: “It also is really upsetting because women to this day are fighting to [desexualize] breast-feeding, and in a matter of days, this content is absolutely viral, and my boyfriend’s coworkers are on the phone saying ‘Is it weird this is giving me a chub right now?’”

The post garnered dozens of comments from other OnlyFans creators, agreeing that the practice is disturbing and a desperate attempt at promoting content:

“I’ve done lactation content and I find this ABSOLUTELY APPALLING. Call them out. Tell them they are fueling a pedophile’s fantasy. Cause they literally are, just for some extra exposure and attention,” commented one user. “It’s the lowest form of desperation I’ve ever seen. I’ve been asked for videos of me breastfeeding my baby before so I know exactly the type of people they are attracting and pleasing.”

Disturbingly, one Instagram page purporting to be dedicated to motherhood has been posting the videos alongside actual breastfeeding content featuring real children in a disturbing mix of pornographic and innocent videos. The page has over 220,000 followers, with some of videos of actual breastfeeding mothers attracting as many views as the obvious pornography. It does not appear that the women in the legitimate breastfeeding videos are aware their content is being shared on the page.

Despite the widespread outrage the pornographic content has received, Instagram users have noted that reporting the content or marking that they are “not interested” in it has not stopped it from appearing on their explore pages.

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