“RadioGenoa” Founder Reveals His Identity After Being Investigated By Italian Police For “Racism”

Natasha Biase

A popular formerly anonymous news account on X has revealed his identity after being accused of spreading “racist ideas” by the Carabinieri, the national police force in Italy. Antonio Mastantuono, who goes by the moniker RadioGenoa, is known for circulating videos showing illegal immigrants attacking locals in Europe.

Detailing the events that caused his silence on the platform for over two weeks, Mastantuono begins the post by introducing himself and thanking his nearly 800,000 followers for their support.

“My name is Antonio Mastantuono, and I am the creator and administrator of RadioGenoa. I gratefully acknowledge those who have stood by me morally and financially.”

Mastantuono reveals that the Rome Prosecutor’s Office sent the Carabinieri to search his house and seize his computer equiptment. They reportedly accused Mastantuono of owning Telegram channels that spread “hate speech.” But, the investigations were apparently fruitless as Mastantuono says “their search yielded no incriminating evidence in my home or on my computer systems.” He added that he does not own any of the Telegram channels currently being investigated by Italian officials.

“Despite this, they confiscated my PC, iPad, phone sim, Google account, and a channel named X @RadioGenoa. Additionally, I was reported for inciting hatred on X @RadioGenoa, but these accusations are unfounded as I have only published real videos with factual descriptions.”

Continuing, the free speech advocate shares that it is his belief he is being wrongfully silenced for exposing the truth about how mass migration policies have hurt European nations and, despite being threatened and doxxed, stresses that he is committed to defending free speech at all costs.

“Some individuals have threatened me and published my personal data and information about my family in an attempt to intimidate me. Despite their efforts, I remain unafraid. I am resolved to report these individuals, including Dutch TV, and I will not show them any mercy.”

“What happened to me could happen to anyone, and that’s why it’s crucial to defend freedom of speech at all costs. My lawyer has already requested to be heard at the Rome prosecutor’s office, and I am confident that I will be able to clarify everything and rectify this serious mistake,” concludes Mastantuono, who launched a GoFundMe to help fund his legal defense.

News that Mastantuono is being investigated prompted backlash online from loyal followers, noting that the government is threatened that he continues to shed light on radical Islamists.

“This is what happens when you show the inconvenient truth. Absolutely absurd. Great to have you back!” responded another prominent influencer by the handle @iamyesyouareno.

Others, such as another X user by the handle @WorldByWolf, called out Italy’s populist Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni for letting this happen under her watch.

This is not the first time Mastantuono, who claims to live in Genoa, Italy, has raised suspicions for his posts. Last year, NZZ published an op-ed investigating his identity and accusing him of posting “misleading anti-migrant videos.”

In addition to accusing him of frequently posting videos out of context, the Swiss publication also claims Mastantuono is “part of an international disinformation network” that is “anti-Western, conservative, xenophobic and pro-Russian” and aims to “destabilize European democracies through the spread of disinformation and propaganda.”

Other detractors have also noted that Mastantuono has gone by other monikers in the past, including a now-deleted account by the handle @Antonio_zena76 on X.

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