Seth Weathers Offers Bud Light Beer Alternative After Dylan Mulvaney Controversy

Haley Kennington

In the wake of what has proven to be a disastrous partnership decision for Bud Light, one man has answered the call for an alternative to the legendary beer brand.

Seth Weathers, CEO of Freedom Speaks Up and, has created a new beer called Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right.

Weather’s answer to Bud Light’s woke virtue signaling has already been received well by those who have opted to no longer purchase the popular Anheuser-Busch beer.

With the self-explanatory tagline, “100% Woke Free American Beer,” the first ad for the beer company has already been viewed over 35 million times.

It proves that conservatives can show their disapproval of woke corporate messaging by spending their hard-earned money on businesses that align with their beliefs and values.

Anheuser-Busch, the company that oversees Bud Light, has been scrambling after the recent backlash to its collaboration with infamous trans spokesperson Dylan Mulvaney.

The trans TikTok star promoted the beer in several different videos and posts. He also shared images of a Bud Light can with his face, congratulating him on “365 days of girlhood.”

Daily Wire cited an unnamed source who said, “No one at a senior level was aware this was happening. Some low-level marketing staffer who helps manage the hundreds of influencer engagements they do must have thought it was no big deal. Obviously it was, and it’s a shame because they have a well-earned reputation for just being America’s beer – not a political company. It was a mistake.”

To date, Anheuser-Busch suffered a $6 billion loss in sales in just 10 days.

Weathers posted his first ad for Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right on Twitter last week, along with a tongue-in-cheek inquiry on how to reach Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boering.

“20mil views & the sales to match. How does this work, does @JeremyDBoering reach out to me, or do I reach out to him? (I definitely don’t have his number).”

In addition to the call to link up with Boering, Weathers tweeted his ad on Friday, tagging the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, “Hey @elonmusk Will you buy Anheuser-Busch & make me CEO? I can think of a lot of re-branding ideas,” adding in a subsequent tweet, “It could be the official beer of Mars.”

Weathers told The Publica, “This is an opportunity for conservatives to finally draw a line in the sand. We have no capital in our threats. We boycott for a week or two and then we’re right back at the NFL games. This one needs to be permanent. 

I don’t care if people buy my beer (it would be nice) but I do care that they never buy another Anheuser-Busch product again – EVER.

We can focus on one company and cause massive economic harm – but we cannot wage 100 different boycotts. If beer is the item that finally makes conservatives stick to it, I will be here to provide an alternative. 

The bullshit won’t end until we crush a company nobody thought could be taken down. It can be done if conservatives will show an ounce of conviction and will. Choosing to drink something other than Bud Light horse piss is a very low bar for a boycott. 

Besides, drinking Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right sounds way cooler.”

The beer is currently in production and available for pre-order online in 42 states. The website states any orders will be fulfilled and shipped out around May 11th, 2023.

Weather’s beer alternative can be found at

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