Trans Activist Social Worker Arrested On Charges Of Child Rape, Corrupting Minors

Natasha Biase

A Philadelphia-based transgender activist arrested for raping two children has been recorded as “female” by the court. Kendall Stephens was arrested on December 18 and was charged with eight counts related to the sexual abuse of two children.

According to independent news outlet Reduxx, in addition to being regarded as a prominent transgender activist in the community, Stephens was working in a leadership role at some of Philadelphia’s most notable LGBT organizations, including a children’s home for at-risk youth.

He also worked with the District Attorney’s Office (DAO) LGBTQ Advisory Board and the Philadelphia Police Department’s LGBTQIA+ Liaison Committee, which was responsible for “bridging the gap between the LGBTQ community and the Philadelphia Police Department.”

The DAO first took notice of Stephens after he reported being the victim of a hate crime in 2020. Stephens was reportedly “mobbed inside of his home” unprovoked, and became vocal about his experience.

District Attorney Larry Krasner, responsible for launching the city’s LGBTQ Advisory Board, expressed support for Stephens earlier this year.

“Nearly three years ago, Kendall Stephens endured a frightening crime that was intended to demean and silence [him]. Instead, Ms. Stephens continues to speak out loudly on behalf of other queer victims of violent crime – all while pursuing graduate studies,” said Krasner. “This criminal case is now closed, but Ms. Stephens will never stop fighting for the respect, support, and protections that queer people deserve in order to live safely, freely, and joyfully.”

In June of 2021, Pennsylvania Congressman Mary Gay Scanlon similarly lauded Stephens during a session discussing the Equality Act, which aimed to classify gender identity as a protected characteristic.

“I rise today in recognition of Pride month and to celebrate the rich history of LGBTQ activism in the greater Philadelphia area,” said Scanlon. “Today, activism within Philadelphia’s LGBTQ community continues through… people like my friend, Kendall Stephens, who’s pushing for Pennsylvania to update its hate crime statute to finally include LGBTQ people as a protected class.”

Stephens has now been arrested after charges were brought against him by the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General for raping two children, one of whom was under 13 years old.

The charges filed against the 37-year-old activist include indecent assault against a person less than 13 years old, rape, corruption of minors, unlawful contact with minor sexual offenses, and endangering the welfare of children as a parent or guardian. The incidents are said to have occurred in September of this year.

Disturbingly, a court summary obtained by Reduxx shows Stephens was recorded as a “female.”

According to NBC Philadelphia, the investigation began on September 25 after one of the victim’s grandmothers told the police that Stephens sexually abused her grandson on “at least three occasions since 2022.”

Court documents also revealed that the second victim notified police that Stephens “gave him gifts out of nowhere” to “keep him quiet.” 

Stephens’ bail has been set at $250,000, and his next court hearing has been scheduled for December 29.

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