Transgender Spanish Soldier Claims “Discrimination” After There Is A Delay In Allowing Him To Use The Women’s Bathroom

Natasha Biase

A trans-identified male soldier in Spain who has no plans to change his legal name or appearance is accusing the Spanish army of “discrimination” for preventing him from using female facilities. Francisco Javier L. G., who has been in the military for 25 years, identifies as a “trans lesbian.”

According to independent news outlet Reduxx, Francisco started updating his legal documents last year after Spain passed a controversial law relaxing the requirements for obtaining an official name or gender change The legislation, colloquially known as the Trans Law, struck down the need for an individual to have undergone a psychological medical evaluation. But other than changing his gender marker, Francisco says he has no intention of altering his name or appearance.

“I like my body, I am happy with it and I do not intend to change it,” he said when asked about his overtly masculine presentation.

Francisco’s allegations of being the victim of discrimination came shortly after he expressed his desire to use the women’s locker rooms and bathrooms to his superiors.

“I could not continue using a locker room contrary to my gender, so I requested the use of the locker room that corresponded to my gender, which I understand should be a female locker room since I am a woman,” explained Javier to Diario de Sevilla.

Although his superiors initially told him the women’s facilities were “110% over capacity,” Francisco persisted and demanded a meeting with higher-ups to resolve his complaint. Eventually, Army officials agreed “he could not use the male facilities as it was incompatible with his new gender,” and he was offered an alternative arrangement until an expansion of women’s locker room was complete.

Despite being offered to use “the women’s senior command locker rooms on a predetermined schedule” until the women’s facilities are expanded, Francisco, who is currently on medical leave due to an injured shoulder, is now threatening legal action.

News of his situation sparked outrage on X (formerly Twitter) from women’s rights activists who accused Francisco of sinking to new lows.

“I think most women vastly underestimate the depths that some men will sink to,” wrote feminist commentator Kevina Gafa.

“Self-ID in action. Law brought in last year in Spain,” added another X user. “And so it begins… Predators’ paradise.”

In addition to admitting that he is not “transsexual” because he likes his sex, is attracted to women, and is happy with his body, Fransciso, who is also a beautician, told Diario De Sevilla he doesn’t benefit from changing his gender.

“I have my life arranged, it could be better or worse for me, but like any citizen. I have a business that, thank God, is doing well, I don’t want money from anyone. Everyone tells me that I am looking to benefit. I have my job, and at the age of 45, I graduated from the Army.”

While Francisco is pursuing potential legal action against the Army, he complains that he thought “the integration as female personnel would be much easier,” and condemned his female colleagues for excluding him from some meetings.

“I don’t understand why I wasn’t notified then. If the meeting was with all the women,” he said, adding: “They excluded me. I have spoken with several colleagues and they have told me that I have problems.”

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