Transgender Streamer Under Fire Once Again After Admitting To Sponsoring “DIY” Hormone Directory Accessed By Minors

Amy Hamm

A transgender Twitch streamer is under scrutiny once again after a popular YouTuber put out a call for more information on his shady past. Clara Sorrenti, also known by the moniker “Keffals,” had previously been accused of defrauding donors and grooming minors.

On February 17, Mutahar, a Toronto-based YouTuber with over 3 million subscribers, made a post on X calling for individuals with information on Sorrenti to come forward. Mutahar’s concern was primarily with the allegations that Sorrenti had “scammed” his followers out of $100,000 in donations after claiming his life was at risk in his home city of London, Ontario due to transphobic internet trolls.

The streamer launched the fundraiser in August of 2022 after claiming he was “swatted” – a term referring to a weaponized hoax in which a perpetrator calls in a non-existent emergency to 911 with the intention of having an unsuspecting target swarmed by police.

In a tearful video on the incident, Sorrenti claimed he was awoken by an officer holding an “assault rifle” to his face, and goes on to state he was misgendered and called by his birth name multiple times during the process. Sorrenti revealed that the officers were responding to terrorist threats issued against local politicians by an individual who had impersonated him.

Sorrenti blamed the swatting on transphobia and tied it to users of an online forum known as Kiwi Farms.

As reported by Reduxx in 2022, London Police denied Sorrenti’s version of events, stating that they had knocked at Sorrenti’s front door and been allowed inside. Nevertheless, Sorrenti went on to leverage the story to raise money to move away from London and to launch a lawsuit against police. Sorrenti also began a mass campaign with the intention of having Kiwi Farms removed from the internet.

At the time, some speculated that Sorrenti had an ulterior motive for wanting Kiwi Farms scrubbed, noting that the website contained incriminating allegations involving inappropriate interactions between Sorrenti and minors.

According to Kiwi Farms users, Sorrenti reportedly sent “kink collars” and pornography to underage boys, as well as helped them access illegal and homemade hormones.

Users in a thread dedicated to tracking Sorrenti’s claims explain how he promoted a website called the “Do-it-Yourself Hormone Replacement Therapy Directory.” According to Kiwi Farms users, a friend of Sorrenti named Chloe Elselvier Solanders, also known as BobPosting, runs this website.

Joshua Moon, the administrator of Kiwi Farms, has repeatedly drawn attention to his site’s extensive archive of Sorrenti’s questionable behavior.

In addition to the illicit hormone scandal, Kiwi Farms users have also mockingly exposed Sorrenti’s alleged history in pornography under the name “Skye” and “Queen Clara.” Sorrenti was specifically involved in “fart fetish porn” which he reportedly didn’t succeed in due to accusations from viewers that he faked his flatulence by using a whoopee cushion.

Members of the streaming community have similarly accused Sorrenti of other misconduct, including using the money he raised on GoFundMe to buy drugs after he admitted to having a substance use disorder, or even using it to vacation in Ireland.

No lawsuit was ever filed against the London Police despite Sorrenti claiming part of the funds would be allocated towards legal costs.

The renewed controversy has resulted in Sorrenti locking his X account, but prior to doing so he tepidly admitted that he did “sponsor a DIY [hormone replacement therapy] resource.”

In another post, he claims that he would “own up to the fact I’ve obviously made mistakes.”

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