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Twitter Inc. Officially Changes Name to ‘X’

Haley Kennington

Since billionaire business mogul Elon Musk took over Twitter late last autumn, there have been numerous changes to the platform.

This includes the Twitter blue bird logo being replaced just last week with “Doge“. Doge is a famous meme and logo for the crypto-currency, Dogecoin, and now it appears there is an official name change for the social media app as well.

According to an April 5th Amended Disclosure statement, “…Twitter, Inc. has been merged into X Corp. and no longer exists.”

It appears that since the X Corp. is based out of Nevada and San Francisco, California, it is considered a citizen in both states. The parent corporation is X Holdings Corp.

The website was purchased from on April 2nd, 1993. It currently does not host a working site. That said, domain info shows that there were updates made in 2022 and as recently as this week. has a long and interesting history. It was originally considered an online bank when purchased in 1999.

It later merged with the software company Confinity Inc. in 2000, resulting in the well-known online payment center PayPal.

According to, “X.Com was Musk’s first venture before he got involved with PayPal. The business that was associated with got merged with PayPal and was later sold to eBay in 2002.”

Musk tweeted in October, 2022 that “buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app.”

One Twitter user responds to the Tesla mogul’s tweet saying, “I think it would have been easier to just start X from scratch tho [sic],” with Musk responding, “Twitter probably accelerates X by 3 to 5 years, but I could be wrong.”

After months of going back and forth, Musk officially purchased Twitter on October 27th, 2022 for a cool $44B, with the intention of building the platform as Twitter’s competition.

Since purchasing Twitter, that has changed.

Musk now plans to take inspiration from Microsoft to form an “app of everything” known as “” or “Platform X.”

The X App is often referred to as the “Swiss army knife of mobile apps.” It would aggregate numerous services into one super app. Currently, people must use multiple applications to achieve what X App would try to do in one.

X App could become a one-stop-shop. It would also open the door to partnerships with many sizeable companies. This could include a myriad of different services such as online shopping, messaging apps, financial services, and possibly meal delivery services like GrubHub or DoorDash.

The merger possibilities would be endless.

Payment services through X were also discussed over the Twitter buyout phase. Musk envisioned a “digital town square”, but exactly what that would entail is still unclear. Musk said once the platform reaches enough users, “then payments, whether it’s crypto or fiat, can make a lot of sense.”

On the morning of April 11th, 2023, the SpaceX owner tweeted “X”.

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