Twitter User Files Complaint With Child Welfare Services In Illinois Over Trans-Identified Male “Breastfeeding” Baby

Yuliah Alma

Child Welfare Services in Illinois have reportedly dismissed a complaint submitted by a concerned citizen regarding a trans-identified male who has been “breastfeeding” a baby. 

The subject of the complaint was transgender “influencer” and amateur porn model nominal.naomi, who went viral last week after claiming to have induced lactation to breastfeed an adopted baby. Naomi, 24, has a large following on both TikTok and Twitter, where he has shared several videos about male lactation.

The case first came to widespread attention on May 22 after The Post Millennial and Andy Ngo reported on a video where Naomi claimed he had induced lactation for the purposes of feeding a child. 

“Trans women can indeed lactate,” Naomi says in the footage, which was clipped from a livestream he had done earlier that week. Calling the feat a “cow achievement,” he continues by referencing the Newman-Goldfarb protocol, a method used to induce lactation in women. The protocol is often followed in situations where a woman is struggling to breastfeed, or where a woman has to feed a baby she did not give birth to, such as in cases of adoption or surrogacy.

“I’ve actually already successfully induced lactation. Like, I can actually make milk now,” Naomi says. “I’m going to be a mother, that’s in the works.” Naomi goes on to say that inducing lactation was “biologically affirming” and is something that is “gate-kept from trans women.” 

The video sparked massive backlash on social media, with many expressing concern for the health and safety of the child. 

“It’s amazing that women are told to stay away from so many things while breastfeeding — alcohol, fish, caffeine, processed foods, but sure a man who is pumping his body up with hormones is kosher for ‘chest’ feeding,” one user wrote in response to the footage. 

“I couldn’t take most of the normal medicines and supplements I take while breastfeeding. Have the effects of hormones and breastmilk been studied extensively yet? All that aside, this is weird and feels fetishized,” another said.

Shortly after the video began to circulate, Naomi started posting photos of himself collecting the fluid from his chest using a breast pump, as well as snaps of himself feeding the extraction to a baby.

Disturbingly, the photos of the child were posted on Naomi’s Twitter account where he has also advertised his pornography on OnlyFans. His Twitter profile had an 18+ designation until users began calling attention to the issues with posting photos of a child on a “not safe for work” account.

It was quickly revealed that while he had been inducing lactation to feed the baby, Naomi had begun creating “cow role-play” pornography.

Over the past two weeks, Naomi has posted several photos directing users to his OnlyFans where he is dressed in “cow” lingerie or cow-themed clothing.

Naomi is seen wearing similar clothes in photos he has taken with the baby.

Naomi’s OnlyFans appears to have been hastily deleted on May 28.

On May 27, one Twitter user shared that he had contacted the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) out of concern for the baby’s safety, but that the Department determined his report had not been eligible for an investigation.

The user posted a screenshot of the email he received from DCFS, which stated that the information submitted in the report “did not meet one of the criteria for an investigation (eligible victim, eligible perpetrator, eligible event, or jurisdiction).”  

The user then details that upon receiving the email from the DCFS, he called their office and spoke to one of their representatives. 

“The fact that Naomi dresses up as a cow on [his] OnlyFans and markets [his] content to people with trans lactation fetishes was one of the main talking points of my report. This wasn’t considered a problem worthy of further investigation by them,” the user, who goes by the handle @mudsuggins, wrote in his thread.

“When i was on the phone with this person it felt like I was talking in code to a hostage, of someone with a gun to their head. I heard the voice of a good person who’s hands were tied by the radical trans and queers who have hijacked the pride flag and are using it to start a war,” he wrote.

The situation with Naomi and the child have prompted widespread discussion on induced lactation in trans-identified males, with some questioning the safety of the substance being fed to babies.

Earlier this month, independent pro-woman outlet Reduxx reported that two women in Australia have received notices from Twitter informing them they have broken the law after tweeting about an Australian trans-identified male who has been breastfeeding a child. One of the women, Jasmine Sussex, is a veteran breastfeeding consultant with nearly 20 years of experience in maternal healthcare.

Speaking to Reduxx, Sussex stated that she believed induced lactation in males was “biologically and psychologically dangerous” for all those involved.

“Men who covet female physiology in this way are, in my opinion, either suffering from a serious delusion or sexually motivated by the idea of themselves as lactating women,” Sussex said.

“There is no evidence that drug-induced secretions from a male nipple are in any way equivalent to mother’s milk. It is more likely the secretions are akin to galactorrhea, which occurs when abnormal levels of prolactin are released from the pituitary gland in females who aren’t pregnant or males with disease.”

This is not the first time a male has sparked backlash on social media after inducing lactation for the purposes of “affirming” his gender identity.

Last year, a Reddit thread went viral for showing a trans-identified male “breastfeeding” his newborn child.

The post, titled “Oh my God I’m breastfeeding my daughter,” details how the user worked with a lactation consultant and his gender physician for several months prior to his female partner giving birth.

Following the baby’s birth, the user stated he had been alternating feedings between his wife, formula, and himself. The user also included a link to a photo gallery showing snapshots of himself “breastfeeding” the baby.

Recently, the archived snapshot of the original Reddit post was removed from the archival website at the request of the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children.

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