Two Students Suspended From California High School After “Misgendering” Teacher

Natasha Biase

A leaked email sent by the former principal of Herbert Hoover High School in California has revealed that two students were suspended from the school for five days after allegedly misgendering a teacher.

A screenshot of the email was shared this week on Twitter by GUSD Parents Voices, showing that two students were suspended and expected to attend “Restorative Justice” last year after entering a class they are not enrolled in and allegedly misgendering a teacher. GUSD Parents Voices is a forum to support children’s educational goals and development within the Glendale Unified School District.

Although parts are redacted, the second half of the email shows that it was sent from the former principal of the school, Jennifer Earl.

Earl says that she and the teacher involved agreed that the students should be educated about misgendering and transgenderism, which she claims was a decision well-received by both students and parents.

The email was met with outrage on Twitter, with some users expressing they believed that the move was a violation of the students’ first amendment rights. 

Jonathan Zachreson, a school board member in Roseville City, California, pointed out that the law in California “protects high school students from being disciplined for speech that is otherwise constitutionally protected outside of school.”

Despite Jennifer Earl acknowledging that the two students were “curious about a transgender person” in the email, the students and the transgender teacher involved had to attend “Restorative Justice” following their suspension. Restorative Justice is a controversial practice that has been met with hesitation by parents in recent years due to its ties to critical race theory.

The practitioner’s guide, published on the school district’s website, suggests a three-tier approach to “Restorative Practices,” including community building, restorative responses to harm and conflict, and intensive interventions.

The system is accomplished through the use of circles to “build strong relationships,” bringing harmed individuals and harmers together to address root causes, support accountability for those responsible, and promote healing for anyone impacted. If the first two tiers fail, tier three says that more intensive and formal interventions may be needed to address deeper conflicts.

This is not the first time that the Glendale Unified School District has been in the news for controversies related to its promotion of gender ideology.

Last month, the District made headlines after parents protested graphic sex education curriculum at a school board meeting. The parents called for an end to “LGBT curricula and policies that they say are at least completely age-inappropriate.”

According to The Daily Wire, the parents of children in the district, many of whom are of Armenian and Hispanic descent, reportedly planned the protest after months of attending school board meetings, adding that the demonstration quickly turned violent after members of Antifa and other far-left protesters showed up.

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