UK: Judge BLOCKS Deportation Of Iraqi Pedophile Who Claimed To Be Bisexual

Jack Hadfield

A judge in the United Kingdom has stopped the British government from arranging the deportation of an Iraqi pedophile after the child predator claimed that he was bisexual.

While the man’s name cannot be released due to a court anonymity order, it is known that he had been in the UK illegally since September of 2017. Identified to the public only as “MA,” the man was given a 10 month jail sentence for the sexual abuse of a child just one year after he arrived. As part of his sentence, MA was also required to submit to the sex offender’s register.

The British government also attempted to deport MA, with the Home Office issuing orders to send him back to Iraq following his release from prison in 2019.

But an upper immigration tribunal judge in London has now backed a ruling which will allow the convicted pedophile to stay in the UK, citing the risk towards his “human rights” if he were to be deported back to Iraq. MA claimed that he was at risk of “honor-based violence” in his country of origin because of his bisexuality.

According to the Mirror, Judge Therese Kamara ruled that “the fear of persecution at the hands of his family owing to his ­sexuality is a relevant factor… as is the potential risk from the public, discrimination by the authorities [and] the absence of protection for LGBTI people.”

Conservative Home Secretary Suella Braverman, known as a hardliner on immigration and crime, has contested Kamara’s ruling, noting that MA had already told “numerous lies” to the court. Braverman did not specify if she believed MA’s supposed sexual orientation was one of them.

“It is not accepted the appellant is at risk of persecution because of his sexuality and it is considered his deportation is in the public interest given the offense committed and likelihood of reoffending,” lawyers for the British government argued in response to the ruling.

A spokesman for the Home Office told the Daily Mail that “foreign national offenders who exploit our system and commit abhorrent crimes in the UK should face the full force of the law, including deportation at the earliest opportunity for those eligible.”

The spokesman added that the government’s Nationality and Borders Act “makes it harder for people to make last-minute legal challenges as a delay tactic to frustrate removals.”

On Sunday, The Sun reported that Kamara had previously stopped the deportation of Jamaican national Swaye Binns, a 45-year-old with multiple convictions of fraud and drug offenses.

Kamara argued that Binns’ adult children, who all have “strong gang connections” and were “in and out of prison,” would be “adversely affected” by his removal from the country.

In April, it was reported that at least 19 suspected terrorists from countries including Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, had all entered the UK illegally and were now living at the taxpayers’ expense, despite being under investigation by MI5 and the police. Their deportations were also blocked over “human rights” concerns.

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