UK Muslim Influencer Claims Children Wouldn’t Have Been Raped By Pakistani Grooming Gangs Had They Been Dressed “Modestly”

Jack Hadfield

A UK-based Muslim influencer is under fire after arguing that the prevalence of grooming and rape gangs was due to a lack of “modesty” amongst western women and children. The sickening diatribe was issued just one day after a damning report into the Rochdale grooming gang was released.

The report, which was released on Monday, criticized the Greater Manchester Police’s behavior from 2004-2013 while they were investigating the Pakistani grooming gangs in Rochdale. Disturbingly, it was found that at least 74 young British girls, most of whom were white, were “left at the mercy” of the gangs due to police incompetence or indifference.

“During the period covered by this review, GMP and Rochdale Council failed to prioritize the protection of children who were being sexually exploited by a significant number of men within the Rochdale area,” said Malcolm Newsam, the review’s author, who identified at least 96 men who still a potential risk to children in the area.

One horrific case involved 15-year-old Victoria Agoglia, who was snatched away from her round-the-clock solo residential care and was repeatedly raped, sometimes by up to 25 men in one night, and plied with drugs before eventually dying of a heroin overdose. Rather than trying to find her when she went missing for up to two weeks at a time, the staff responsible for her care simply texted her to ask when she was coming back.

While the report has caused overwhelming distress across the United Kingdom, some prominent influencers in the Muslim community are attempting to defer responsibility for the rapes onto the victims themselves.

The Muslim Mum, a UK-based influencer with over 30,000 subscribers on YouTube, took to X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday to decry a lack of “modesty” in western society.

“If they taught their women to cover up [and] be modest, they would be less likely to fall prey to sick grooming gangs in Rochdale,” she wrote. “But their Islamophobia won’t allow them to think straight.”

The YouTuber, who claims to be a “marriage and parenting expert,” repeatedly claimed that the majority of pedophiles in the UK were apparently “right wing white nationalists” in her defense of the Rochdale gang.

In response to her posts on the issue, may have expressed outrage and even tagged police to intervene.

“Every 2 hours, a child in Pakistan is sexually abused. Does your vile victim blaming of British girls extend to Pakistani children as well?” asked ex-Muslim advocate Yasmine Mohammed.

“It wasn’t women that were targeted, it was girls. Should we be covering them from birth to stop them getting raped? Or maybe just keep all women inside and unseen so that those helpless males are able to go about their lives without worrying about accidentally raping someone,” another user responded to The Muslim Mum.

As previously reported by The Publica, in the years between 1997 and 2017, 1 in every 1700 Pakistani men in the country were prosecuted for their participation in such gangs. In some cities, the figure was as high as 1 in 73.

Multiple other reports have shown that the South Asian population in Britain has been repeatedly over-represented as sex offenders relative to their demographic strength.

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