YouTube Refuses To Remove Video Of Man Displaying His Anus, Says “No Violation” Of Policies

Natasha Biase

YouTube has clarified that a viral, uncensored video of a man removing hair from his buttocks does not violate its terms of service.

The video, titled Removing BUTT HAIRS Using NAIR Cream – A Visual Guide, features YouTuber and self-described “gay sex educator” Kevin Leonardo. In the uncensored video, Leonardo is seen promoting Nair hair removal cream while exposing his testicles and anus to his viewers in high definition.

Although the disturbing video was met with disgust from both fans and critics alike, many of whom felt disgusted after seeing such a vivid close-up of Leonardo’s private regions, the content creator responded to the backlash on Twitter with apparent gratitude for all of the attention the video has garnered.

As of the writing of this article, Leonardo’s video has over 13 million views and 167,000 dislikes.

Leonardo is known for his extremely graphic content, and has garnered significant attention on TikTok where he has published short videos describing his sex life and fantasies. Among them, Leonardo has stated he participated in sexual “role play” in which he acted out being an underage sex slave on Jeffrey Epstein’s island.

While YouTube slapped an age restriction on the Nair video, limiting it to viewers aged 18 and up, many were shocked that the video was not removed from the site outright due to its explicit nature.

One user on Twitter who goes by the handle @PeakedBimbo, tagged Team YouTube in a tweet, asking how the video was even cleared to be on YouTube in the first place.

“This dudes whole channel is incredibly NSFW, no warning and full nudity less than 10 seconds in,” the user wrote.

Responding to her concerns, Team YouTube, which claims to champion users’ feedback within the company, explained that the first step to combatting inappropriate content on the platform was to report it through their formal channels.

Following up after reviewing the content, Team YouTube clarified that it did not believe the video violated its Adult Content policies, adding that they would instead just place an age restriction on the video:

In a back-and-forth, @PeakedBimbo, the user who launched the complaint, asked YouTube’s support team why graphic nudity is allowed on the site but misgendering people is a violation. In response, YouTube expressed that they understood why she was frustrated but stood by the decision to keep the video up:

“While we understand your frustration, it’s important for us to maintain a balance between free speech and protecting our community, so content that doesn’t violate our policies will remain up. Thanks for understanding,” Team YouTube stated.

News of YouTube’s questionable decision comes just weeks after Canadian Clinical Psychologist Jordan Peterson had an interview with Irish journalist Helen Joyce taken down from the site for allegedly violating YouTube’s community guidelines.

In Peterson’s interview with Joyce, who also serves as the director of advocacy for the pro-woman campaign group Sex Matters, the two discuss the trans movement, gender ideology’s impact on Western civilization, and the “dangers of a quickly growing transhumanist ideology.”

Despite appealing the platform’s decision to remove Peterson’s video, YouTube concluded that it violated its hate speech policy and would not be reinstated. The notification was issued to Peterson on the same day YouTube stated Leonardo’s video was not in violation of their policies.

White YouTube’s community guidelines state that nudity is allowed on the site unless it contains “explicit content meant to be sexually gratifying,” it vows to remove any content the site feels is hateful toward anyone with certain attributes, including gender identity and expression.

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